Viau station (work by the City of Montréal and Parc olympique)

Work by the City of Montréal near Viau station

The City of Montréal is currently carrying out work on Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue near Viau station. Work areas and worksite partitions are present on the north side of the avenue, but they do not block pedestrian traffic or access to the métro station.

Due to the work, the bus stops for lines 34 - Sainte-Catherine, 125 - Ontario and 136 - Viau are relocated onto Viau street. The map below shows the locations of the temporary stops.

Since the STM isn't in charge of this work, contact the City of Montréal's Info-travaux information line at 514-872-3777 for any questions about the work site.

Work by the Parc olympique near Viau station

The OParc olympique is currently carrying out work to create a public area near Viau station. Occasional impacts are to be expected.

To get to the Olympic park attractions, follow the signage outside the station.

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