Viau station (work by the city of Montréal)

Work by the City of Montréal on Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue

For everyone's safety, please use the pedestrian crossings while traveling between the métro station and the bus stops.

City of Montréal work on Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue is now complete in the Viau station area.

However, the bus stops for lines 34 Sainte-Catherine, 125 Ontario and 136 Viau will remain relocated to allow certain adjustments to be made to the layout of the area, before returning the bus stops to their regular locations on the north side of Pierre-De Coubertin.

The redevelopment of Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue is a City of Montréal project that began several years ago and was completed in early December 2022 in the Viau métro area . As part of the project, a new traffic circle was built to replace the bus loop near Viau station, which was used by buses to turn around. 

Based on tests conducted after the work was completed, it appears that adjustments will be needed to the traffic circle to ensure that buses, cyclists and pedestrians can safely share the road.

As a result, buses will remain on their detoured routes on the south side of Pierre-De Coubertin for the time being. We are working with the City to implement an appropriate solution as soon as possible to ensure safe and easy access to all bus stops and the station. 

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