Tips and guidelines

Lost and found


Preparing for trips

How to be prepare for trips (Arrival of driver, expected conduct, 30-minute window, punctuality, accessibility of locations, identification)

Mobility aids

Luggage items and car seat

For safety reasons, luggage, grocery and shopping or storage bags are allowed only if certain rules are observed...

Travel companions

When you are admitted to paratransit, the STM determines whether you must or may be accompanied during transportation.

Keeping your file updated

You are responsible for informing Customer Service of any update of your file.

Ready for winter?

Service interruption

During a snow or ice storm or an emergency, the STM can decide to interrupt its paratransit service temporally.

In the event of an accident

A few guidelines in the event of an accident.


A few rules that you should know about.


Getting around despite roadblocks

Transport adapté - Comments and complaints