OPUS ID card

OPUS ID card

Following your admission to the program, you will receive an OPUS paratransit ID card. This card will confirm your admission to the paratransit program. You will need to show the card to the driver every time you use the paratransit service.

Your transit fares:

You can charge your various transit fares to your OPUS ID card for use on the bus and metro system as well as for paratransit services. All types of fares can be loaded on your OPUS ID card to pay for bus and métro rides. However, to use Transport adapté services, you can only load a weekly or monthly fare on your OPUS card.

Recharging the OPUS card

You can recharge your OPUS card with the transit fares of your choice:


When you apply for admission to the program, you must submit a photo. This photo will be used to identify you on your OPUS paratransit ID card.

Reduced fares

If you are eligible for reduced fares, your OPUS paratransit ID card will include the words "tarif réduit."

Lost or stolen ID cards

Any request for an additional card may incur a charge for the replacement of a lost or stolen card.

Your OPUS paratransit ID card is guaranteed against loss or theft. This allows you to replace your card and to recharge all valid transit fares that were on the old one when you reported its loss.

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