Area served

STM service area

The area served by the STM paratransit service corresponds to the area covered by the Montréal agglomeration. The STM, however, only serves the following zones:

  • Zone A (Agglomeration of Montréal) 
  • Zone B (Agglomeration of Longueuil and City of Laval)
  • Zone C (Northern and Southern suburbs)

Please note that the STM paratransit service does not serve Zone D.

A metropolitan trip may be regular or occasional.

Prerequisite for a metropolitan trip

  • Start by completing the Consent to disclosure of personal information form.
  • Fax or mail the form to the address indicated on the form.

Metropolitan return trip

In the case of a return trip, you must stay a minimum of two hours at your original destination.

Reserving a metropolitan trip

Reservations are made with the paratransit service with which you are registered, following the usual procedure. This service will plan your trip with the other services involved.

How to reserve transportation

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