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Let's chat

The following are all the projects and activities that you can learn about and express your opinion on.

Recent activities

Bus network redesign
Public consultation about the Bus network redesign consultation

Rielle mechanical ventilation station
Independent public consultation commission
November 3, 2022

Chabanel mechanical ventilation station
Virtual information session
September 13, 2022

Bellechasse bus garage
Virtual information session
May 17, 2022

Youville track maintenance
Virtual information session
April 4, 2022

Work at Berri-UQAM station
Virtual information session
February 3, 2022

Wiseman mechanical ventilation station
Virtual information session
January 11, 2022

Work at Outremont station
Virtual information session
May 31, 2022

Richelieu mechanical ventilation station
Independent public consultation commission
March 30, 2021

Northwest Attachment Centre (NAC)
Independent public consultation commission
November 2, 2020

Blue line extension
Commission's report and the STM'S action plan about Blue line extension consultation (in French only)

Refurbishment of the Lionel-Groulx electrical substation
Commission's report about the Lionel-Groulx sectoral electrical substation (in French only)

Vendôme project
Commission's report and the STM's action plan about Vendôme project

Visit our virtual participation platform at:  parlons-en.stm.info

Public participation includes all the activities that the STM puts in place so that the public can stay informed and provide opinions on infrastructure development or modernization projects. The type of participation varies according to the project and the STM’s goals.

Public consultation

The public is consulted on specific projects or topics so that their concerns and opinions can be taken into account. The consultation mechanisms vary from project to project depending on the goals that these consultations aim to address. Two public consultation mechanisms are currently in place:

  1. Public consultation led by an independent commission
  2. Public consultation led by the STM


1. Public consultation led by an independent commission

Public consultation led by an independent commission: This process is governed by the Act respecting public transit authorities (s. 158.3) as well as the STM’s public consultation policy (French only).

A commission made up of independent external experts consults the public on a project involving work on the métro network. It listens to citizens’ concerns and opinions and produces a consultation report, which is then submitted to the STM’s Board of Directors as part of the work of one of its committees. The report is then filed with municipal authorities as part of the process for amending urban planning rules so that the project can move forward. This process is always followed by an STM action plan in response to the commission’s recommendations.

2. Public consultation led by the STM

For some projects, the STM can carry out public consultation activities to get the public’s opinion on a given project. Unlike public consultations led by independent commissions, these consultations led by the STM can pertain to any STM activity. Members of the public are invited to express their opinions on the project via the various tools described below.

A few examples: consultations on the bus network redesign, Bellechasse bus garage


Information session

The aim of an information session is to provide information on an STM project. It can pertain to work involving the construction of a new bus garage or universal accessibility, for example. The main goal is to inform citizens and answer their questions. An information session can also be the first step in a public consultation process.

A few examples: Work at the Berri-UQAM station, Bellechasse bus garage

Let’s chat participatory platform

This is the STM’s virtual public participation platform. Open to all Greater Montréal locals, whether they use public transit or not, it allows them to express themselves freely. The public is invited to put forward proposals and vote for or express thoughts about other people’s proposals. Visit the website  parlons-en.stm.info to discover online consultation activities.

Good neighbour committee

For some projects, the STM forms good neighbour committees to minimize the impact of its worksites on the area. The decision to implement a good neighbour committee or not depends on specific factors, including the length and scope of the work, but especially the active participation of its members.

A few examples: Outremont station, Richelieu MVS

Business roundtable

A business roundtable is implemented when several businesses can be impacted by work done by the STM. Its aim is to listen to business owners’ concerns.

Theme-based workshop

A theme-based workshop is an activity covering a specific topic that is designed to gather citizens’ ideas. It can pertain to the development of a site or a theme related to public transit, for example.

Electronic newsletter

The aim of the “STM works” electronic newsletter is to allow residents affected by an STM project to track the progress of the work and related events. It is sent to those who subscribe and is specific to a given project.

In 2012, the STM Board of Directors developed a corporate policy covering public consultations on any work related to the métro network and requiring the adoption of a by-law by a municipal council. It provides for consultations led by independent commissions in order to produce a report that is submitted to municipal authorities as part of the process for amending urban planning rules associated with the métro network. Read this policy here: PC 1.14 - Consultation publique – réseau du métro | Société de transport de Montréal (French only).

In 2015, the STM adopted a sectoral guideline covering the social acceptability of its projects. It was accompanied by a frame of reference outlining best practices in order to structure and facilitate the consideration of stakeholders. Several other participation processes were developed in addition to the public consultations provided for in PC 1.14.

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