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We will answer all your questions concerning fare collections

Customer service employees are regularly asked about fare collections. Nameer, an officer in the Transport adapté department, reminds you of a few guidelines for a smooth journey.

Valid fares for Transport adapté

Your OPUS card has two functions. It will first identify you during each one of your Transport adapté trips. You can also use it to pay for your transit, but you must have a weekly, monthly or 4-month pass.

You also have the option of paying in cash, but your driver doesn’t give change.

On board taxis and minibuses, your companion must also pay for the pass unless it is specified in your file that a companion is mandatory.

On the regular network, a companion can travel free of charge at your side at any time upon presentation of your OPUS paratransit ID card.

Do you have any questions on fares and fare collection?

Nameer and his colleagues will be happy to answer any questions. 514-280-8211 option 4

Arrival of driver

The driver will notify you of his or her arrival. If you live in a multi-unit dwelling (public housing, high-rise, nursing home, etc), please wait in the lobby. If you are in a public place, you will have to wait at the pick-up point  you specified when making your reservation. If there are several entrances, make sure you indicate your preferred entrance when reserving.

Expected conduct

We are committed to providing a punctual, reliable, safe service in an atmosphere of respect pursuant to the STM's standards of safety and conduct to be observed by passengers in its rolling stock and immovables as set out in By-law R-036.

Our expectations of our customers are exactly the same as those you might have of our employees and representatives.

We must therefore advise you that any one breaking the rules or not meeting the standards set out in By-law R-036, may face restrictive measures.

Such conduct could have a negative impact on:

  • Your safety
  • The safety, comfort, and physical welfare of other users
  • The safety of the driver
  • The safety of the vehicle or
  • Normal paratransit operations (disruption)

We understand that exceptional circumstances beyond your control can arise. Before applying restrictive measures, a customer service respresentative will contact you to clarify the situation and determine any steps to be taken.

30-minute window

You should be ready to board at the confirmed time. The vehicle will arrive within the following thirty minutes, and the driver will notify you of his or her arrival. Only after thirty minutes is the driver considered to be late.

Texte important

Your punctuality contributes to that of the paratransit service.


The reservation agent informs you that your trip is scheduled for 8 a.m.. You must be ready to board the vehicle at 8 a.m.and the vehicle must arrive by 8:30 a.m. The vehicle is considered to be late at 8:31 a.m.

Texte important

Why a 30-minute window?
This enables us to coordinate with other passengers with similar transportation needs to optimize the flexibility and effectiveness of the paratransit service..


We commit to picking you up within 30 minutes of the confirmed time. After this time has passed, please indicate any lateness to the customer service agent at 514-280-8211 (option 2).

Texte important

Calling customers absent at the door

All customers who are not present at the boarding point at the agreed time are called back by our dispatcher.

All customers are responsible for being ready and present at the door at the time confirmed in their reservation. However, this measure allows us to ensure that both the driver and the customer are waiting at the stipulated place.

Accessibility of locations

You must ensure that the pick-up and drop-off points are accessible.

If you are in a wheelchair, you should know the number of steps to be navigated ahead of time. If there are more than three consecutive steps to go up or down, you should enlist the help of a person other than the driver.

During the winter, the pick-up and drop-off points must be cleared of snow. If you observe that the access is blocked and will not be cleared before the arrival of the vehicle, you must cancel your trip as soon as possible to ensure the driver's time is not wasted.


For security reasons, you must show your OPUS paratransit ID card every time you use the paratransit service. This card is required for identification purposes even if you are not paying with an OPUS card.

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