Mobility aids

Size and weight of mobility aids

The wheelchair lifting platform in minibuses can support a maximum weight of 364 kg (800 lb). To ensure safe boarding manoeuvres, mobility aids of that type cannot be wider than 84 cm (33 in) or be longer than 137 cm (54 in).

Three- and four-wheel scooters

Scooter-type wheelchairs, with either three or four wheels, are allowed aboard minibuses and adapted taxis, unless otherwise indicated. Service users with a motor disability must still be able to transfer themselves from their scooter to the vehicle seat on which they must sit during transport.

Using a wheelchair aboard a standard taxi

To travel with a wheelchair and use a standard taxi for their transportation, service users must be able to transfer on their own from their wheelchair to the seat in the taxi. They must be able to sit in either the front or back seat of the taxi with no help from the driver or travel companion. The driver will fold up and store the wheelchair in the trunk of his vehicle. If a passenger is unable to perform this manoeuvre, their transportation will always be provided aboard a minibus or adapted taxi.

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