OPUS cards and other fare media

The OPUS card is a smart card on which you can charge all STM transit fares, with the exception of group fares, which are available only on tickets. The OPUS card is used by transit companies throughout the Greater Montréal area.

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Registered OPUS card

A registered OPUS card is your guarantee against loss or theft.

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Photo ID OPUS card - reduced fare

To pay reduced fares, you must charge your transit fares on a registered photo ID OPUS card.

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Tickets are meant to be used just once and are not rechargeable.

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Occasional card

The occasional card is a non-rechargeable smart card. It can contain regular transit fares and is valid for pre-determined periods.

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OPUS en ligne online fare purchasing service- Card reader

With your OPUS card reader, no need to go anywhere – purchase your fares at home, at any time of day or night, 24/7.  No more rushing at the last minute!

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