OPUS reduced fare - 65 years and over

Good news!

Beginning on July 1, 2021, you’ll be able to get even better reduced fares, with discounts up to 70% off the regular price on certain fares.

Check out the new fare schedule starting July 1, 2021

OPUS reduced fare - 65 years and over

Are you 65 years and over? If so, you qualify for a fare reduction.To take advantage of that benefit, you must obtain a photo OPUS card.

The photo OPUS card is

  • Proof that you qualify for the reduced fare
  • Personal and non-transferable: To pay the reduced fare, you must load your transit fares onto this photo OPUS card.
  • Registered: This way, your transit fares are automatically protected should the card be lost, damaged or stolen. To learn more.
  • Your photo OPUS card is good for a 7-year period. Your card’s expiry date appears on the back of it.

Reduced transit fares available to 65 years and over in STM system

  • 1-trip, 2-trips, 10-trips, weekly, monthly and 4-month passes.
  • New: subscribe to OPUS à l'année. Benefits, details and conditions.
  • If you are an approuved Transport adapté customer 65 and over: you are automatically entitled to pay the reduced fare. You can see the « TA STM RÉDUIT » on your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS.

Transit fare purchase

At any STM point of sale, in the métro from a fare vending machines or a a ticket booth attendant. See conditions for each fare option.

Note: No transit fares are sold at the service centers or at the Photo studio.

Fares schedule

How to obtain or renew a photo OPUS card?

Go to STM Espace client or to the STM Photo studio.

Bring with you:

Cost of the card

15 $

Forms of payment accepted

  • Photo Studio: cash and debit card (credit cards are not accepted.
  • Espaces clients: credit and debit cards only.

Smart :

From the end of August until early November, students all converge onto the photo studio to get or renew their OPUS card, so wait times are likely to be long. Plan ahead and instead go to the Customer service centre or to a point of service.

Fill out this form, enclose the required documents and send all together to this address:

Studio de photo - Carte Tarif réduit
1717 rue Berri, Local Gc-r400, Montréal, QC H2L 4E9

Note: Processing requests received by mail requires 7 business days.

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