Available data description

Description of available data and a few STM specifications

The STM is making it possible for developers to download its bus and metro schedules in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. This document describes the available data and a few STM specifications.

You must also review the legal notes defining the rules and context for using this data. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use the company logo without permission from the STM. You can consult these legal notes.

For metro schedules

Metro schedules are provided by way of indication only and are essentially used to determine how long a trip will take. They cannot be used to develop an application for metro timetables, as they are only used to estimate the time needed to travel between two stations.

GTFS_stm.zip contains the following files:

  1. Agency.txt : Basic information about the STM
  2. Calendar.txt : Information about service availability
  3. Calendar_dates.txt : List of days included in assignment period
  4. Fare_attributes.txt : List of various STM fares
  5. Fare_rules.txt : Explains different fares for regular service and airport shuttle
  6. Feed.txt : Contains information about the feed itself
  7. Frequencies.txt : Defines the frequency of metro service
  8. Routes.txt : List of bus lines
  9. Shapes.txt : Definition of rules for drawing a bus line itinerary on map
  10. Stop_times.txt : Schedule of arrival times at bus stops
  11. Stops.txt : List of bus stops
  12. Trips.txt : Information about trip schedules

Référence Google: https://developers.google.com/transit/gtfs/reference

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