Board of directors

Role of the board of directors

The board of directors executes the STM's functions and duties and determines the corporation's strategic directions.

  • It adopts the organisational strategic plan of public transit within the area it serves
  • It adopts the annual budget, the staffing plan, and the capital expenditures program

Functions of the board of directors

The members of the board of directors participate in three types of proceeding, i.e., work sessions, public meetings, and committee meetings.

Work sessions serve to follow up on the previous public meeting, to allow committee chairs to present the minutes of committee meetings, to discuss various motions prior to their approval, and to inform members of projects that are either underway or in the pipeline.

Public meetings are held ten times a year. Board members debate items on the agenda and approve them. The public can also attend and ask questions. Board members also sit on various committees contributing to the good governance of the corporation.

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