Art in the network

La Correspondance des strates, mural by Marianne Chevalier at Villa-Maria station (2022)

The Montréal métro is truly an art gallery. Dozens of murals, stained glass panels and sculptures of all shapes and colours were installed in most of the network’s 68 stations, for the enjoyment and benefit of all métro riders. The métro is an essential component of Montréal’s civic heritage and often appears in movies and ads filmed on location throughout the city.

As their public steward, STM is also responsible for showcasing the works of art, a collection envied by several métro networks around the world. It is a source of pride for STM, as well as for most of its customers. It is no coincidence, then, that Montréal métro stations, particularly Champ-de-Mars, are repeatedly ranked among the world’s most beautiful stations.

Public art is now making a breakthrough in the bus network!

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