Impact of taxi driver shortage on our services

Our paratransit service is dealing with a labour shortage.

The vast majority of paratransit trips are made by our providers in the taxi industry.  Having fewer drivers available also means that there are fewer vehicles on the road to meet our customers’ needs.

This situation could last for some time and will likely affect your daily life. We are aware of this, and we are working tiressly to find solutions.

Texte important

New measures to serve you better:

  • Starting September 30, non-essential travel companions will once again be permitted to join trips made for any reason. You can reserve these trips starting this Wednesday, September 28, following the usual procedure. Please note that this measure may cause some delays.
  • Starting October 3, our paratransit call centre’s business hours will be extended until 7:00 p.m.
  • We will be accepting a higher volume of trips in the larger metropolitan area. Depending on ridership, however, we may have to prioritize trips on the Island of Montréal and limit metropolitan-area trips, as the longer distances reduce driver availability for shorter trips.

Planning ahead is key

We also strongly suggest that you request your trips in advance. This will make it easier for us to ensure that vehicles are available than if we receive last-minute requests.

Along these lines, please notify us as soon as possible if you have to cancel a trip.

Did you know that certain times of day are busier than others?

To reduce the risk of your trip request being cancelled, we encourage you to request trips outside of the following time slots:

  • Before 9:30 a.m.
  • Between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
  • Between 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Our drivers are here for you

Photo d'un chauffeur de taxi berline qui accompagne une cliente.

Photo d'un chauffeur de minibus qui accompagne un client.

Photo d'un chauffeur de taxi adapté qui accompagne une cliente.

Despite the taxi industry’s driver shortage, many drivers are still working. Their job is to get you around and provide door-to-door service.

Transport adapté drivers and employees understand your concerns, just as you understand that they are not responsible for this situation. They are actually here for you.

If you can, use the regular bus and métro network

Please visit our website for useful information on accessibility in our regular bus and métro network.

Did you know?

  • 85% of STM buses have a ramp to help customers who use a mobility aid to board and exit
  • More than 600 buses have two spaces for wheelchair users
  • You can ask the driver to lower the front of the bus to help you board and exit

You can find out when wheelchair accessible buses serve your stop using:

  1. From the home page, click on the Schedules and Maps tab, or on the “Getting around” section then on the Schedules and Maps tab.
  2. Type in or select your bus line and its direction of travel.
  3. Type in or select the name of your stop.
  4. Note: Check the box “Display only arrival times of buses with a front ramp.”
  5. Click on the search button next to the checkbox.

Under the Menu tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, select “Only passages of buses with a front ramp are displayed.” Now your search results will show departure times for buses with front ramps only.

Did you know?

  • 21 of our 68 métro stations have elevators in service, and 11 elevator installation projects are currently underway.

You can check a station’s elevator service updates before you leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Compulsory assistance:  This is an exceptional status granted on a case-by-case basis to customers who require assistance in the vehicle due to a medical condition. Currently, only a little over 1% of our customers have this status. Customers with this status must always be accompanied on trips, no exceptions. In the event that a customer with this status cannot be accompanied on a trip, the reservation will be cancelled due to a lack of compulsory assistance.
  • Travel companion: This status is granted to customers who cannot use regular public transit, even with accompaniment. With this type of accompaniment, the paratransit service cannot guarantee a spot for the travel companion in the vehicle at the time of reservation. Note however that parents of customers ages 14 and under will always be permitted to join rides, as will travel companions on trips made for medical reasons.
  • Parental responsibility: All paratransit customers who are parents may travel with their children ages 14 and under. Additionally, all paratransit customers who are children ages 14 and under may be accompanied by a parent or other chaperone, as per the measures established by the STM.
  • Temporary assistance for familiarization: This status may be granted temporarily to certain people with severe and persistent but temporary conditions while they gain the skills needed to manage their behaviour or anxiety.

Click here for more information on travel companions.

You must submit a written request and attach a detailed explanation from a medical professional stating the valid medical reasons for the request.

You may send your request by mail, email or fax to Transport adapté customer service.

Your request will then be forwarded to the Transport adapté admissions committee for review and analyzed in accordance with MTQ criteria. It will be processed within approximately 45 days after being received, as long as it is deemed complete

The admissions committee issues decisions regarding paratransit eligibility, customer type and accompaniment status. It is a three-person committee composed of an STM representative, a representative of people with disabilities and a representative from the health and social services network. All committee decisions must be unanimous.

Starting October 3, we are extending our paratransit call centre’s business hours until 7:00 p.m. to better support you in the current situation.

When you enter your destination address during trip reservation, we can tell whether the trip is being made for medical reasons. If this is the case, your request to bring a travel companion will be accepted automatically. No other action is required on your part.

Agreement signed with taxi industry

An agreement was signed with the eight taxi industry service providers who carry out 88% of trips in our paratransit service.

The aim of the agreement is to:

  • Maintain the current pool of drivers providing paratransit.
  • Attract new drivers to meet the needs of returning and growing ridership.
  • Remain competitive with comparable contracts.
  • Collaborate with taxi companies by implementing pilot projects to attract new drivers.

We understand that the measures implemented in recent weeks have impacted your travel plans, and we are working tirelessly to find solutions. A transition period is to be expected as we get back to normal service delivery.

No, because the issues with minibuses are similar to those with accessible taxis.

We are already using our own Transport adapté (TA) minibuses to the fullest extent possible, and leasing or purchasing additional vehicles is not a realistic alternative considering our resources.

Given the current availability of minibuses and the government subsidy program now funding only electric minibuses, the market is still under development (TA is currently piloting one electric minibus that meets the standards).

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