FAQ - fares and fare control

Transport adapté fares and fare control

Fare cards and Transport adapté ID cards on OPUS

  • OPUS card: loaded with a weekly, monthly or 4-month fare
  • Exact cash fare: paid to driver when boarding vehicle
  • Ticket (magnetic strip card): given to driver when boarding

Your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS is required each and every time you ride with us to confirm your identity, even if you use another fare payment mode. You always have the option of paying with another OPUS card, a ticket (magnetic fare card) or with cash, even if a valid fare is available on your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS.

Yes, you can see the expiry date on your card. Students 16 to 25 years old entitled to the reduced fare must refer to the expiry date featured on their card.

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The audio interface for the banking keypad on the reloading terminals (BR) is now up and running. The deployment of the audio interface for the fare vending machine (DAT) is ongoing. We’ll keep you informed.

You can recharge your OPUS card at all métro station ticket booths and at points of sale located in various boroughs and municipalities in the greater Montréal area.  To find the nearest points of sale, go to stm.info and look under « Useful Info », « Fares » and « Points of sale ». Several fare vending machines and recharging terminals are also available inside métro stations. Instructions for using the audio interface Accessible Word format

Yes, your ID card on OPUS allows you to charge various transit fares, which you can use to ride with Transport adapté or with the bus and métro system.

To pay the reduced fare, you must obtain a photo ID reduced fare OPUS card by first bringing proof of your school attendance to one of these locations:

  • Starting August 1, at STM’s photo studio located at 1755 Berri, at Berri-UQAM métro station. The studio is also open on weekends – check business hours at stm.info.
  • From the end of August to mid-October each year, a team of photographers from STM’s photo studio will go to over a hundred schools. A schedule of dates for each school will be available in July at the stm.info website.
  • For customers with limited mobility, you can also go to the Customer service centre or to one of our service points. Read the online list of locations at stm.info.

Schoolchildren 6 to 15 years old are automatically entitled to pay the reduced fare. You can see the « TA STM RÉDUIT » on their Transport adapté ID card on OPUS. 

You can charge your Transport adapté OPUS card with up to four different transit fares. For general questions about the OPUS Card, please refer to the stm.info website, under « Fares » in the « Useful Info » section. 

To pay your fare when travelling off the island of Montréal but within the service area
covered by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM):

  • Double the STM fare for trips to Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) and Société de transport de Laval (STL) territory, except at Cartier métro station, as it serves as the transfer point for the North Shore
  • Triple the STM fare for trips to North and South Shore municipalities

In the event you transfer to another service provider, you must pay the fare required by each provider. For example, you pay your STM fare when you board in Montréal and after, you pay the RTL fare when you transfer in Longueuil.

The double fare for off-island trips was less than fares paid in Montréal, so it was necessary to raise fares for trips to outlying areas to ensure fare consistency for all STM customers.

Although the double and triple fares possibly do not represent exactly the cost of a trip in the metropolitan area using regular transit services, the STM wanted to maintain a simple fare for customers, easy to communicate and apply.

The applicable fare for a transfer is the Montréal fare + the other service provider’s fare.

You must obtain a monthly TRAM pass based on your destination zone. For more information, go to https://rtm.quebec/en. If you hold a monthly TRAM pass valid in a closer zone than yours, you must add the cost of a single trip fare in cash.

Travel companions

Travel companions must pay every time they ride aboard paratransit vehicles, except when the TA user has a compulsory assistance status, which is established during the admissions process, or when a period of familiarization is needed. In the latter case, travel is free for a compulsory companion.

Travel companions who wish to pay the reduced fare must show a reduced fare photo ID OPUS card.

Your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS entitles your travel companion to ride the STM bus and métro system for free. 
You must pay your fare and show your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS to the bus driver or métro fare booth attendant so that your travel companion may ride with you for free. For the purpose of fare control, travel companions must stay with their charge aboard the bus and in the métro at all times.

Fare collection and control


Yes. When you board a minibus or taxi, the driver notes your fare payment on his trip sheet: OPUS card, cash or ticket (magnetic card). He collects fares paid in cash or with a ticket.

At any time, STM inspectors can proceed with fare control during your transportation aboard our vehicles. They will either ask for your OPUS card to validate your transit fare or check the driver’s trip sheet to see if your fare was paid in cash or with a ticket.

The « planned payment mode » column on the driver’s trip sheet is only one more work tool to make it easier for STM to consign internal billing information.

The day before the scheduled trip, the system confirms whether the customer’s Transport adapté ID card on OPUS is charged with a valid transit fare. The information provided by this check determines what will be noted in the « planned payment mode » column on the day of travel.

No. The « planned payment mode » column on the driver’s trip sheet is a work tool to make it easier for STM to consign internal billing information.

The driver must accept the payment mode chosen by customer and note it on his trip sheet. At no time can he impose a payment mode on a customer.

The driver must not demand that you pay according to the payment mode indicated on his trip sheet. Should a problem occur, please contact TA customer service by calling 514 280-8211, option 4.

If you have not paid your fare, you may be notified of the infraction by mail and be fined anywhere from $100 to $500, as stipulated in the STM’s R-105 by-law.

If you are legally responsible for someone who is a TA user, you will be liable and as such, the infraction report will be issued in your name.

As the person legally in charge, you must ensure that the TA user under your responsibility has a valid transit fare card on hand to pay for their transportation.

For the purpose of updating Transport adapté’s customer files, we must ensure that all persons legally responsible for our customers are clearly identified. To that end, if you must update any information, please advise us as soon as possible by calling us at 514 280-8211, option 4. These updates are absolutely essential as you will be the first person to be contacted in case of need.

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