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New 2021 features of the next version – SIRTA

For the last year, SIRTA has displayed your vehicle’s estimated time of arrival (ETA) for departures (pick-up). The next version of SIRTA will also show the ETA  at your destination (drop-off).

  • The ETA at your destination will display in a grey banner, underneath the yellow banner that currently displays your vehicle’s ETA for departures (pick-up).
  • If you use a screen reader, the destination ETA will be read immediately after the departure ETA.
  • The time will be displayed 30 minutes before your confirmed reservation time and will be updated every two minutes. Please note that the time may change depending on traffic conditions along the route.

You will now be able to notify Transport adapté of any specifics related to your pick-up or drop-off at a specific address to help them find the location.

  • When reserving a new trip, you must first choose your address. Then, you will see a button to click if you would like to add additional information about that address.
  • This new feature will be available in all trip reservation sections—regular, occasional and metropolitan—for both the departure and the destination addresses.
  • Adding this additional information is optional. Only do so if you would like to add details about a specific address.
  • Once you add information about an address, it will be saved to your file and applied to all future trips to that address, unless you check the “Temporary” box. In that case, the information will only apply to the trip that you are currently reserving.
  • For some addresses, you will not be able to add additional information because the pick-up or drop-off location is pre-set for all customers. In that case, the button will be greyed out (unclickable).

Here are some tips for using this new feature:

  • Don’t include any confidential information
  • Only include information related to your pick-up or drop-off at that address


  • Door #3, use the side door, building B, enter via alleyway, enter via back parking lot, enter via Saint-Laurent St, etc.
  • Give the name of a store, pharmacy, grocery store, etc.
  • Buzzer code: #1234 (if needed to enter the vestibule)

The text displayed when users report a delay has been slightly modified. The feature still works the same way.

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