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COVID-19: Passenger per vehicle limit

Beginning on July 27, we are ending our limit of one passenger per vehicle. It will now be possible to have up to two passengers per vehicle.

This is the maximum number of customers recommended by public health authorities and is possible due to the mandatory wearing of face coverings in all public transit.

Regular trips

Repeated trips at least once a week, at fixed times and locations for a minimum of four consecutive weeks.

More information about regular trips

Occasional trips

Ad-hoc transportation for a specific day. Useful for shopping, appointments, or social outings.

More information about occasional trips

Group trips

A group trip is an occasional trip within the STM service area for a group of at least five passengers eligible for paratransit.

Forms for reserving group transportation

One month prior to the first trip by a group, please send us this completed form:

Then reserve your transportation:

We must receive your group reservation request at least 10 days in advance.

Group transportation is only available for trips taken on Montréal area.

  • By fax: 514-280-5317
  • By email: groupes.ta@stm.info
  • By mail:
    Centre de transport adapté de la STM
    3111 Rue Jarry Est
    Montréal, Québec
    H1Z 2C2
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