Regular trips

Description of regular trips

  • Repeated trips
  • At least once a week
  • At fixed times and locations
  • For a minimum of four consecutive weeks


A regular trip may not be changed. If your needs change, you must cancel your regular trip, and make a new reservation.

It may take up to 10 days following a cancellation to create a new regular trip. You may reserve occasional trips as necessary during this period.


It is possible to temporarily interrupt your regular trips for a maximum of eight weeks (holidays, sickness, etc.) Regular trips are automatically resumed following the interruption.

If you wish to interrupt your regular trips for longer than eight weeks, you must simply cancel them. You can make a new regular reservation for regular trips at any time.

Texte important

Regular trips are automatically cancelled on public holidays, except for trips for dialysis treatments. If you wish to travel on a public holiday, you may request an occasional trip.

How to reserve regular trips

How to cancel regular trips

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