Proof of payment

When boarding the vehicle, you must show the driver your OPUS paratransit ID card and pay your fare.

The driver will record the payment method on the trip sheet: exact change, ticket (magnetic card) or weekly, monthly or 4-month CAM charged on an OPUS card.


At any time during the trip, an STM inspector may ask to see the trip sheet and your transit fare to verify that the correct fare has been paid.

If you have not paid your fare, you may be mailed a statement of offence along with a fine of up to $500, as provided for in STM Regulation R-105.

If you are legally responsible for a paratransit user, you will be responsible for their offence, and the statement of offence will be issued in your name.

Texte important

Are you legally responsible for a paratransit user?
As the person responsible for a paratransit user, you must ensure that the user shows their OPUS paratransit ID card and pays their fare for each trip.

Updating contact information
In case of emergency, you will be the first person we contact. It is essential that your contact information be up to date in the user's client record.

Please call customer service at 514-280-8211 (option 4) to notify us of any changes.


If you miss a pick-up, all planned trips (until your return) will be cancelled. To prevent cancellation of your return trip, you must notify an agent at 514-280-8211 (option 2) within 60 minutes of the initial pick-up time.

If you are absent for the return trip and contact an agent at 514-280-8211 (option 2) to change the time of your return trip, your request will be processed according to availability at the time of your call.

Frequent no-shows and cancellations

Users who frequently miss pick-ups or make too many late cancellations may be subject to restrictive measures.  They may also be subject to fines.

Statements of offence and fines


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