Travel companions

Travel companions

When you are admitted to the paratransit program, the STM determines whether you may or must be accompanied during trips.
When reserving trips, you must mention the presence of a companion.
See Information required for reserving trips

Compulsory assistance

Users with compulsory assistance status must be accompanied by another person during trips.

  • The companion must be at least 14 years old.
  • The companion must provide physical and other assistance to the user during trips.
  • The companion is not required to pay for trips.

Optional companions

Users with optional assistance status may be accompanied during their trips by another person. The presence of a companion must be indicated when reserving the trip to guarantee their seat in the vehicle. The companion must pay for their trip.

Permission to have a travel companion on an optional basis is not granted to paratransit users who have no physical disability since they would be able to use the regular bus and métro system with the help of a companion. The right to be accompanied is determined by the admissions committee when the application is reviewed.

Children and parental responsibility

  • If you are a parent, you may travel with all children under 14 who are named in your client record.
  • If you are under 14, you may travel with both your parents and, if necessary, another companion.

You are not entitled to a travel companion if having one makes you able to use the bus and métro system.

Familiarization companion

This type of companion is temporary and helps new users with special needs to become familiar with the paratransit service. In time, the new user will be able to use the service without assistance. The companion in this case must be an adult serving as a teacher.

Accessibility of the bus and métro system

Your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS entitles your travel companion to ride the STM bus and métro system for free.

You must pay your fare and show your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS to the bus driver or métro fare booth attendant so that your travel companion may ride with you for free. For the purpose of fare control, travel companions must stay with their charge aboard the bus and in the métro at all times.

Service dogs

If disabled, you may be accompanied by a service dog during trips.  Dogs must be leashed in minibuses. When reserving trips, you must mention your use of a service dog.


Pets must at all times be caged or placed in a closed carrier designed for that purpose.
See section 8 of By-Law R-036. Contravening this by-law may lead to fines ranging from $75 to $500.

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