Transport adapté - Comments and complaints

When you call to inform us about a situation, we listen. Did you know that every comment made to Transport adapté is recorded in a database and assigned to a manager who will analyze it and follow up?

All comments received by Transport adapté are read and handled with the greatest care, because your hundreds of observations help us identify situations to correct. Imagine. A busy day at Transport adapté represents over 9500 trips! It’s impossible for us to know what is happening in every vehicle. You are therefore our eyes and ears on the network.

Your comments are useful to us

In particular, they allow us to identify problem service providers. When a service provider is repeatedly late and complaints multiply regarding quality of service, we can take action. First, by asking the service provider to follow up. Then, if the situation does not improve, the service provider at fault will be penalized.

Share your comments with us or call 514 280-8211 and select option 4.

Request for immediate assistance: our customer service is there

Customer service clerkSometimes, making a complaint might not be your best option – for example, when the vehicle is late. In these cases, call 514-280-8211 and choose option 2. We can provide you with tangible help by getting in touch with key contacts so that a vehicle can show up as quickly as possible. In the event your rides are frequently late on a regular transportation, lodging a complaint (option 4) will enable us to look into the matter and take any corrective steps that are needed.

Evaluating service: a priority

Although they are precious for us, comments aren’t our only source of information. The Undercover customer program provides over 1000 observations on quality of service every year. In addition, the operations managers send us over 4000 documented observations per year.

Finally, we occasionally conduct telephone surveys of our clientele. The latest survey covered 500 customers who had made at least two trips per month from May to October 2016. We have just received the results and obtained a 93% satisfaction rate. We continue to evaluate your level of satisfaction. Indeed, some 500 other customers, each taking an average of two trips per month in January and February, recently answered our survey.

In conclusion, we should mention that customers also take time to make positive comments on the service in general and on the kindness and dedication of certain drivers and other Transport adapté employees. Please be assured these kind words are always appreciated by their recipients.

The Transport adapté team cares about each of your trips. Your comments and our observations and surveys are part of the equation that enables us to ensure a quality customer experience day after day.

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