Transport adapté's handbook for customers

Paratransit service handbook

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Photo of a customer boarding a minibus.

Paratransit at the STM is a door-to-door public transit service offered by reservation only.

This service is only available to eligible customers and authorized travel companions as specified in the Ministère des Transports du Québec’s Paratransit Eligibility Policy.

The STM reserves the right to choose the type of vehicle (minibus, standard taxi or accessible taxi) used for any given trip. This choice is based on the customer’s limitations and the resources available. The choice of customer placement inside the vehicle is based on the limitations listed in the customer file and the combination of paratransit customers indicated in the driver’s trip work sheet.

Area served

The STM’s paratransit service covers the urban agglomeration of Montréal, which also includes Île-Bizard, Île Sainte-Hélène, Île Notre- Dame and Île-des-Soeurs. For more information on metropolitan travel, see the Transportation Request - Metropolitan trips section of this guide.

Paratransit operating hours

Types of vehicles used

Accessible taxi

Photo of an accessible taxi.


Photo of a minibus.

Regular taxi

Photo of a regular taxi.

Online reservations

Go to for:


With SIRTA, our online reservation service, you can reserve a trip or cancel it at any time within the next seven days or until 9:00 p.m. the night before your trip. SIRTA is easy to use and avoids wait times on the phone.

For a complete list of options available on SIRTA, see the Transportation Request - Reserving online section of this guide.

Call centre

Use the same telephone number to access all of our services: 514 280-8211

All calls are handled by our Interactive Voice Response system.

Choose from five options :




1 : Reservation

  • Request a regular trip
  • Change a trip
  • Request an occasional trip
  • Review transportation times
  • Confirm a regular transportation schedule

7 days a week
8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

2 : Current travel

  • Choice 1 : Cancel a trip
  • Choice 2 : Report a late vehicle or request a different return time on the same day (medical appointments and returning from a court of justice only)

Monday to Thursday and legal holidays
5 a.m. to 1 a.m.
5 a.m. to 2 a.m.
5:30 a.m.
to 2 a.m.
5:30 a.m.
to 1 a.m.

3 : Automated

  • Request an occasional trip for the day after

7 days a week
7 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

3 : Automated

  • Report a late vehicle
  • Cancel a trip
  • Review or confirm trip times (available at all times).

7 days a week, 24 hours a day

4 : Customer

  • New application or follow-up
  • Request for information about our services
  • Comments or complaints
  • Update customer file (change of address)
  • Visitor information
  • Lost and found

Monday to Friday
8h30 à 16h30

5 : General

  • Hours of operation for trips and automate telephone service
  • Area served and fares
  • Regulations

7 days a week
24 hours a day

Automated notifications

Transport adapté sends out three types of automated notifications:

Reminder notifications for the next day’s trips

Through Transport adapté, you can receive reminders of your scheduled trips. Reminders are sent out between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. the evening before your trip.

You can choose to receive reminders by email, text message or automated call. To change how you receive reminders, email us at or contact our customer service (option 4).

Late cancellation notifications

Our system automatically sends out a late cancellation notification if you cancel your trip less than two hours before departure.

Cancellation notifications for exceptional circumstances

You will be notified if your trip must be cancelled due to an event beyond our control, such as a water main break.

Imminent arrival messages

Transport adapté has launched a useful tool that notifies you when your vehicle is about to arrive. You will receive a notification either by:

  • Text message
  • Automated voice message
  • Email

Also on SIRTA

You can check your vehicle’s expected arrival time on our online reservation site. The information is available 30 minutes before your confirmed reservation time and is updated every two minutes.

To change how you receive reminders and messages, email us at or contact our customer service (option 4).

Transportation schedules on legal holidays
and during special events

Regular trips, except for trips to dialysis treatment appointments, are automatically cancelled on legal holidays. If you wish to travel on a holiday, you must request an occasional trip.

Photo of a driver helping a customer into a taxi.

This applies during the following times:

  • The holiday season (December 25 to January 2 inclusive);
  • Good Friday;
  • Easter Monday;
  • National Patriots’ Day;
  • Fête nationale du Québec;
  • Canada Day;
  • Labour Day;
  • Thanksgiving Day.

Go to to view special transportation schedules during events, festivals or other occasions that impact service.

Planning your trips in the winter

Expect delays and longer travel times on snowy days and the days that follow. If you feel that conditions are not ideal for heading outside, consider cancelling your trip as soon as possible. If you decide to travel on these days, plan your trip at

Confirmed trip time and 30-minute window

You must be ready to board at your confirmed trip time. Your vehicle should arrive within the 30 minutes that follow. It will only be considered late after that period is up.

For example, if an agent at the reservations centre informs you that your trip has been confirmed for 8:00 a.m., you must be ready at 8:00 a.m., and your vehicle has until 8:30 a.m. to arrive. Your vehicle will only be considered late as of 8:31 a.m.

This 30-minute window applies to the vehicle’s arrival for boarding only. It is the period of time within which the vehicle is required to pick you up. This window of time allows us to pair you with other customers travelling a similar route. Trip pairing and customer punctuality are essential to efficient service.

Travel time

Depending on travel distance, you may spend up to 90 minutes on board for trips within the STM’s service area, and up to 120 minutes on board for trips in the metropolitan area.

The STM is committed to providing on-time service as much as possible. However, due to the nature of door-to-door public transit and circumstances beyond our control, such as road conditions, we cannot guarantee your arrival time at your destination. Still, we do our utmost to ensure that you arrive as close to your requested time as possible.

Photo of a driver securing a four-wheel scooter to an accessible taxi.

Upon boarding, you must pay your fare in accordance with the regulations in force. Failure to do so may result in a fine if you are stopped by an inspector.

Forms of payment


Pay the exact fare to the driver, as change is not provided.

Ticket on magnetic fare card

Give your fare card to the driver.

TA OPUS card (Weekly or monthly passes only)

Show the driver your OPUS card and keep it within reach during your trip.

For more information about current fares or points of sale, go to our website at or contact our customer service (option 4).

Reduced fare

You are entitled to a fare reduction only if you hold a reduced fare OPUS card for eligible students ages 6 to 64 and persons ages 65 and up. To pay a reduced fare, eligible persons must first obtain a photo ID OPUS card issued by one of the following transportation authorities: the STM, the RTL, the STL or exo. You must show your reduced-fare photo ID OPUS card when paying your fare.

Ages 6 to 15

Newly admitted customers ages 6 to 15 automatically receive an ID card marked “TA STM Réduit”.

Students ages 16+

Refer to the Reduced Fare – Paratransit section at to find out how to obtain a photo ID OPUS card.

Ages 65+

All new STM Transport adapté customers over the age of 65 automatically receive an ID card marked “TA STM RÉDUIT” Customers who will soon reach the age of 65 and would like to pay reduced fares must call our customer service (option 4) to request the card.

To find out more about our criteria for obtaining a photo ID OPUS card, please go to our website at


Children ages 5 and under travel for free. They must be accompanied by someone responsible for them.

Travel companions

Travel companions must always pay for their trips unless they are acting as familiarization companions or are accompanying a customer with compulsory assistance status (established during the admissions process).

Travel companions ages 6 to 11 may pay the reduced fare in cash without holding a photo ID OPUS card.

Travel companions ages 12 and up who do not have photo ID OPUS cards must pay the full fare.

For more information on travel companions, see the Travel companions section of this guide.

Fares for trips in the metropolitan area

When travelling off the Island of Montréal but within the service area covered by the ARTM (exo, RTL and STL), you must have an:

AB fare for trips to Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) and Société
de transport de Laval (STL) territory. Cartier station is an exception as
it is a transfer point for the North Shore.

ABC fare for trips to North and South Shore municipalities.

Ways to pay your fare

See this page for the prices of all our transit fares.


Special offers

At certain times of the year or during special events, a special fare may be offered to paratransit customers, like it is to bus and métro users. Check our website at to find out about current offers.

ID cards

Upon admission to the paratransit program, customers will receive an OPUS ID card from Transport adapté that can be loaded with transit fares. Once the initial card is issued, any request for replacement of a lost or stolen card may incur a charge.

For security reasons, customers (or their legal guardians) must be able to show their Transport adapté ID cards or otherwise provide adequate identification.

Texte important

Are you legally responsible for a parantransit customer?

As a legal guardian, you must ensure that the customer in your care is travelling with a valid transit fare.

Ensure the customer’s file is up to date by providing us with the guardians’ contact details and informing us of any change in autonomy. If you need to make an update, please notify us as soon as possible by calling customer service (option 4). It is important that this information be kept up to date as you will be the first person contacted in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fare collection and control

When you board an STM paratransit minibus or taxi, the driver will note the form of payment (OPUS card, magnetic fare card or cash) on the trip sheet.

At any time aboard our vehicles, STM fare inspectors can ask you to produce your fare card to ensure your fare was paid in accordance with current regulations.

If you do not pay your fare, you could receive a statement of offence through the mail for the infraction and be fined anywhere from $100 to $500, as stated in the STM’s By-law R-105. If you are the legal guardian of a paratransit customer, you will be held responsible for the infraction and the statement of offence will be issued in your name.

Photo of a customer showing her Transport adapté ID card.

Regular trip

  • By Internet :
  • With an agent : 514 280-8211, option 1;
  • By fax : 514 280-6313;
  • By mail : 3111 Jarry Street East, Montréal, Quebec H1Z 2C2.

Occasional trip

  • By Internet :
  • Through automated services : 514 280-8211, option 3;
  • With an agent : 514 280-8211, option 1.

Group trip

The Group transportation request form must be submitted at least 10 days in advance

  • By email :
  • By fax : 514 280-5317;
  • By mail : 3111 Jarry Street East, Montréal, Quebec H1Z 2C2.

Metropolitan trip

The Authorization to communicate personal information form must be submitted

  • By email :
  • With an agent : 514 280-8211, option 1;
  • By fax : 514 280-6313;
  • By mail : 3111 Jarry Street East, Montréal, Quebec H1Z 2C2.
Texte important

30-Minute window for arrival

Your confirmed trip time is the time at which you must be ready to board. Your vehicle should arrive within 30 minutes of that time. Once that period is up, your vehicle is considered late.

SIRTA, our online reservation system, is the fastest and easiest way to reserve a trip. Reserve online to avoid waiting on the phone.

Information required to make a reservation

Before calling, make sure you have the following information on hand :

  • File number;
  • Exact addresses of the departure point and the destination, with identification of the entrances to use if they are not the main entrances — for frequently visited public places, pick-up and drop-off locations are determined by the STM and the buildings’ administrations;
  • Requested arrival and return times (allow for some flexibility) — when making your reservation, you must already know your destination’s opening and closing hours;
  • Mobility aids used during transportation (wheelchair, walker, guide dog, or other)
  • Information about your travel companion, their mobility aids or any additional space needed, if applicable.

The agent at the reservations centre may ask why you are requesting transportation (medical reasons, work, school, leisure activities, a workshop, etc.). This allows the agent to assign a code to your request and determine the priority of your trip should road conditions become difficult (snow, freezing rain) and certain trips have to be cancelled.

Minimum time at destination

There must be an interval of at least 60 minutes between your arrival time at your destination and your departure time.

Regular trips

A regular trip is a trip taken at least once every two weeks at the same time and between the same arrival point and destination for a minimum of four consecutive weeks. If you reserve a regular trip, you won’t have to call to request an occasional trip each time, and you’ll have the same transportation schedule every week.

For regular trips, you still have to make a request via SIRTA, our online reservation system (, or by speaking with an agent at the reservations centre
(option 1). Don’t forget to cancel your trip if you do not require transportation on a given day.

All regular trips, except for trips for dialysis treatments, are automatically cancelled on legal holidays.

If you wish to travel on a holiday, you must request an occasional trip.

Occasional trips

An occasional trip is a one-time trip on a specific day for errands, an appointment, a cultural outing, etc. You can request an occasional trip starting seven days before the
travel date.

Same-day reservations cannot be made via automated services (option 3) or SIRTA, our online reservation system (

All requests for transportation within the STM’s service area are accepted up to the day before the trip. However, any changes or sameday reservations are subject to the resources available and may be refused.

Group trips

Groups of five or more paratransit customers (each with a file number) who would like to reserve an occasional trip together (for outings to restaurants, museums, public parks, etc.) can request a group trip. We ask that the group leader submit the Group transportation request form at least 10 days in advance by fax, email or mail.

This form is available on our website or from customer service (option 4).

Photo of two customers in a taxi.

Metropolitan trips

Our metropolitan transportation service is an integrated paratransit service that allows you to travel off the Island of Montréal, anywhere on ARTM territory, in our taxis and minibuses. Your local paratransit service provider will arrange your one-way and two-way trips. Trips may be offered by the STM alone or jointly with another service provider, thereby involving a transfer.

ARTM territory covers the Greater Montréal area, which includes the Island of Montréal, Laval, Longueuil and the North and South Shores. For more information on our metropolitan paratransit service, go to the Area served section of

Map of the covered territory.

Photo of a customer boarding an accessible taxi.

Photo of a driver accompanying customer to destination.

Before using the metropolitan paratransit service, you must first fill out and submit the Authorization to communicate personal information form, which is available on our website or by calling customer service (option 4).

For your first trip with another service provider in the metropolitan area, a waiting period of five days will apply between the time you register with that provider and your first trip.

Once you have registered, the usual reservation procedures apply. However, requests for trips in the metropolitan area must be received before noon on the day before the trip.

For return trips, customers must remain at their destination for at least two hours.


To reserve trips by phone or online, you will require a password. If this is your first time using these services, your initial password will consist of the four numbers that make up the month and day of your birth.

For example, if your birthdate is June 4, your password is 0604. When you first log on, you will be required to set a new password for greater security.

Reserving online

Skip the wait at the call centre by using SIRTA, our online reservation system. It’s user-friendly, reliable and fast! With SIRTA, you can:

  • Reserve regular or occasional trips;
  • Cancel a trip;
  • Suspend a regular trip for up to eight weeks;
  • View your regular or occasional trips;
  • View your confirmed reservations for the next seven days;
  • View information in your customer file.

You can find the link to SIRTA in the right-hand column when browsing A guide and instructional videos are available under Reserving, changing and cancelling in the Using paratransit section.

Reserve an occasional trip in three easy steps

  1. Enter your customer file number and password;
  2. Enter the required information for your trip (date, time, address, mobility aid and travel companion);
  3. Verify that your reservation was registered and saved by reviewing your confirmed reservations for the next seven days.

The same procedure applies to regular trips. However, there will be a waiting period of five to 10 days as your request must be processed manually.

Automated services

Transport adapté has an interactive voice response system (IVR), also referred to as “automated services”. You can access the system by calling 514 280-8211, option 3. With the IVR system, you can:

  1. Request occasional two-way trips;
  2. Request occasional one-way trips;
  3. Cancel or suspend a regular trip;
  4. Report a late vehicle;
  5. Confirm or review trips.

If necessary, simply press 0 to speak with an agent during the call centre’s business hours.

To ensure the confidentiality of your transactions, you must go through two steps to reach the automated services menu. After selecting option 3:

  1. Enter the five or six digits of your file number, followed by the pound key (#);
  2. Enter your four-digit password. Your password consists of the month and day of your birth — for example, April 17 = 0417.

After completing these steps, select one of the services from the menu.

Texte important


The point of departure and point of arrival must always fall under one
of the following categories :

  • Residence : Customer’s residence address.
  • Preferred Address : The address that you selected when you created your List of preferred addresses with an agent. A number is assigned to each preferred address (you may have up to eight). Once you have created your list, you may update it with an agent at the reservations centre (option 1).
  • Public place : A place that is highly visited by our customers and included on the List of public places (available on our website or by request).

Requests for trips may be made as of seven days before the trip date. They may not be made for same-day travel.

Request an occasional trip

Use menus 1 and 2 to request occasional trips. IMPORTANT: before using these menus, you first have to create your List of preferred addresses (eight addresses maximum). This will allow you to select the Request occasional transportation option from automated services. The form for your list is available on our website or from an agent at the reservations centre (option 1). You may send us the form:

Menu 1 : Request an occasional trip—two-way

Select this menu if :

  • Your request involves the planning of two trips, the first to go to a location and the second to return.
  • You know the addresses of the departure and arrival points for each trip.

Menu 2: Request an occasional trip — one-way

Select this menu if:

  • Your request involves the planning of only one trip (to go to a location);
  • You know the address of the departure point (departure address);
  • You know the address of the arrival point (destination address).

Menu 3 : Cancel a trip

  • 3+1 : To cancel a trip confirmed for the same day or a time within the next seven days;
  • 3+2 : To permanently cancel a regular trip that you will not need in the future;
  • 3+3 : To suspend a regular trip for a maximum of eight weeks (due to vacation, illness, etc.). Trips will resume automatically once this period is over. For suspensions longer than eight weeks, you must permanently cancel the regular trip (menu 3+2).

Menu 4 : Report a late vehicle

Use this option if your vehicle arrives more than 30 minutes after the confirmed time of your trip.

Menu 5 : Review or confirm a trip

You can review your regular or occasional transportation schedule by selecting any of options 5+1 through 5+4.

  • 5+1 Transportation schedule for today and the next seven days;
  • 5+2 Regular transportation schedule;
  • 5+3 Confirmation of an occasional trip;
  • 5+4 Confirmation of a regular trip.

Photo of a minibus.

Depending on your customer file, you may be authorized to have a travel companion accompany you on your trips.

  • Always confirm your travel companion’s presence when you request a trip.
  • Indicate the mobility aid they use (manual or motorized wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.) and any additional space needed, if applicable.

Type of assistance

Fare payment required

Maximum companions allowed

Space on a board guaranteed?

Requirements for travel companion





Age 14 and up and able to assist during trip and at destination






Related to parental responsibility


Depends on the number of children listed in the file


Under age 14

Temporary, for familiarization




Adult acting as an educator

Photo of a driver accompanying customer to destination.

Compulsory assistance

Paratransit service users with compulsory assistance status must always be accompanied on trips by a companion of their choice.

Compulsory travel companions must be at least 14 years old. They must be able to provide the user with necessary assistance aboard the vehicle during trips. Users may be accompanied by only one companion. Compulsory travel companions do not pay for their transportation.

Optional assistance

On all trips, users with optional assistance status may be accompanied by a travel companion if they wish. Seats are not guaranteed for travel companions, as they depend on vehicle capacity at the time of the trip. The user must indicate that they will be accompanied when reserving their trip.

Permission to have an optional travel companion is not granted to service users who have no motor disability, as the help of a companion would allow them to use the bus and métro network.

Children and parental responsibility

  • If you are a parent, you may travel with your child or children under age 14.
  • If you are under age 14, you may travel with both parents and, if needed, a travel companion.

You are not entitled to a travel companion if having one makes you able to use the bus and métro network.

Photo of a driver ensuring that the customer is handed over to a person in charge.

Familiarization companions

This form of travel assistance may be granted temporarily to service users with specific needs to help them become familiar with paratransit service and eventually be able to use it on their own.

Travel companions in the bus and métro network

As an eligible Transport adapté customer, you are entitled to have a travel companion accompany you for free on the STM bus and métro network. You must still pay your fare and show your Transport adapté ID card.

Service dogs

During trips, you may be accompanied by a service dog. This term designates guide dogs, companion dogs and assistance dogs that provide support to disabled persons. Aboard the minibus, all dogs must be kept on a leash. You must indicate that you will be accompanied by a service dog each time you reserve a trip.


Paratransit users may travel with a pet if it is transported in a pet carrier or other appropriate container that complies with luggage regulations.

Photo of two loyal service dogs.

Changing the time of a return trip

You may speak to an Info-déplacement agent at 514 280-8211 (option 2) to request a change in your same-day trip (only if returning from a medical appointment or court appearance).

Cancelling a trip

Any cancellation of a confirmed trip must be done as early as possible via SIRTA, our online reservation system, via our automated services (option 3), or by speaking with an Info déplacement agent (option 2, choice 2).

Temporary suspension of regular trips

You may temporarily suspend regular trips for a maximum of eight weeks (due to vacation, illness, etc.). Trips will resume automatically once this period is over. For suspensions longer than eight weeks, you must permanently cancel the regular trip. Afterwards, you may submit a new request for a regular trip if needed.

Texte important

The integrity of our service depends on the customer. If you must cancel a trip, please notify Transport adapté as quickly as possible, even if it is only a few minutes before the vehicle’s arrival. Trips that are cancelled without enough advance notice or when the vehicle arrives deprive other users of seats, cause delays and incur additional costs for the STM.

Photo of a customer reserving a trip online with SIRTA.

Frequent no-shows and cancellations

Users who frequently miss pick-ups or make too many late cancellations may be subject to restrictive measures. They may also be subject to fines. Please review the Standards of conduct and restrictions section for more information.

A cancellation is deemed late if it is made less than two hours before the confirmed pick-up time.

If you do not show for the pick-up at your initial departure point, all following planned trips (until your return home) will also be cancelled. To maintain your return trip, you must absolutely notify an Info déplacement agent (option 2, choice 2) within the 60 minutes following the confirmed departure time of the initial pick-up.

If you do not show for your return trip, and you contact an Info-déplacement agent (option 2, choice 2) to reserve another trip, your request handled based on the resources available at the time of your call.

Service users who do not reside on the Island of Montréal must contact their local paratransit service provider to reserve, change or cancel trips to or from the Island of Montréal.

Standards of conduct and restrictions

Transport adapté staff is committed to providing on-time, reliable and safe service every day in a climate of respect, pursuant to the STM’s By-law prescribing standards of safety and conduct to be observed by passengers in the rolling stock and immovables operated by or for the Société de transport de Montréal (R-036). We expect the same conduct from our customers as you might expect from our employees and representatives.

You are therefore advised that passengers who conduct themselves in a way that is contrary to the regulations outlined in this handbook or the standards outlined in By-law R-036 may face restrictive measures.

Unacceptable conduct can negatively impact:

  • Your safety;
  • The safety, comfort and physical welfare of other passengers;
  • The safety of paratransit drivers;
  • The integrity of the vehicle;
  • Routine paratransit operations (i.e., disruptions).

We understand that exceptional circumstances beyond your control can arise. Before we apply restrictive measures, a customer service representative will contact you to assess the situation and inform you of the next steps if necessary.

Readiness to board at the confirmed time

  • You must be ready at the time confirmed to you when you reserved your trip.
  • Your vehicle should arrive within 30 minutes of the confirmed time.
  • Drivers will let you know when they arrive.
Texte important

Being ready to board at the confirmed time prevents you from missing your trip and inconveniencing other users.

Arrival of the driver

Drivers will let you know when they arrive. If you live in a multi-unit dwelling (high-rise, nursing home, etc.), please be ready and waiting in your building’s lobby. If you are in a public place, you must be at the designated pick-up point confirmed at the time of your reservation.

If there are several entrances to the building, make sure you indicate your preferred entrance when reserving your trip.

The driver’s role

Drivers are responsible for escorting you from your pick-up point to the vehicle. The driver will consult the trip sheet to determine where you will sit on board the vehicle. At the drop-off point, the driver will escort you to the door of your destination.

It is not the driver’s job to carry customers’ bags or personal items.

Location accessibility

Service users must ensure that pick-up and drop-off points are accessible.

Texte important

If you are in a wheelchair, you should know the number of steps that you will have to navigate ahead of time. If there are more than three consecutive steps to go up or down, you should get the help of a person other than the driver.

During the winter, pick-up and drop-off points must be sufficiently cleared of snow. If you see that the entrance at your pick-up point is blocked and will not be cleared before the vehicle arrives, you must cancel your trip as soon as possible so as not to waste the driver’s time.


For security reasons, you must show your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS every time you use the paratransit service. This card is required for identification purposes even when you are not paying with an OPUS card.

Seat belts

You are required to wear a seat belt during trips. If you are unable to buckle it yourself, the driver will assist you.

The use of a lap belt (or pelvic belt) is also mandatory for customers travelling in a wheelchair on minibuses and accessible taxis.

Wheelchair seat belts (for posture support) are designed to hold you in position, but do not protect you from injury in the event of an accident. If you are exempt from wearing a seat belt, a copy of the certificate issued by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec attesting to your inability to wear a seat belt must be sent ahead of time to Transport adapté. You must also keep a copy with you when using paratransit services.

Photo of a driver securing a wheelchair on a minibus.


We are committed to picking you up within 30 minutes of the confirmed time of your trip. After the 30 minutes are up, you can inform us of a late vehicle by:

  • Using SIRTA, our online reservation system;
  • Calling our automated services (option 3);
  • Speaking with an Info-déplacement agent (option 2, choice 2).

You must wait until the 30-minute window has passed before contacting us.

The 30-minute window only applies for boarding. Although the STM does its utmost to plan your arrival time as closely as possible to the time requested, the exact arrival time at your destination cannot be guaranteed.

Travelling safely with children

Since April 2019, the Highway Safety Code stipulates that children must be at least 145 cm tall or at least 9 years old to use the seatbelt that comes with the vehicle. Children who do not meet this requirement must use a car seat suited to their height and weight: a baby seat, a child seat or a booster seat. In a taxi, you must be able to secure your child’s seat yourself. If you are unable to do so, you must travel by minibus.

Photo of a child being buckled into a car seat by a parent.

Photo of a car seat securely installed on minibus.

If you are travelling with a child under age 9, you must indicate this when reserving a trip.

Drivers are not responsible for handling car seats. If you are unable to handle the car seat and secure it to the vehicle seat, you must ask a third party for help at the departure and arrival points, or travel with a companion.

We also recommend that you travel with a companion to ensure your child’s safety and help the child during trips. Be sure to indicate that you will be travelling with a companion when you reserve your trip.

If you do not have a car seat for your child, and you are able to travel by taxi, you may indicate this when you reserve your trip, and we will send a standard taxi.

For complete information about travelling with children, consult the Children and Seat Belts section of the SAAQ website, contact Customer Service (option 4) or visit the website.

Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children travel in accordance with the provisions set out in the Highway Safety Code.

Three- and four-wheel scooters

Scooter-type wheelchairs with three or four wheels are allowed aboard minibuses and accessible taxis, unless otherwise indicated. Service users with a motor disability must still be able to transfer themselves from their scooter to the vehicle seat on which they must sit during the trip. Drivers may refuse a passenger if safety standards are not met or if the mobility aid presented differs from the one indicated in the customer file.

The wheelchair lifts on our minibuses can support a maximum weight of 364 kg (800 lb). To ensure safe boarding, mobility aids may not be wider than 84 cm (33 in) or be longer than 137 cm (54 in).

If you are impacted by this restriction, we encourage you to contact our customer service (option 4). For more information, you can also go to our website at

Using a wheelchair aboard a standard taxi

To use a wheelchair while travelling by standard taxi, you must be able to transfer yourself from your wheelchair to both the front and back seats of the taxi with no help from the driver or travel companion. If you are unable to perform this manoeuvre, you will always be transported by minibus or accessible taxi. We recommend that your wheelchair be equipped with securement points so that your driver can securely fasten it to the trunk floor.

Transporting a second mobility aid

If there is enough space in the vehicle, you may bring a second mobility aid with you if you are travelling to have it repaired. Just indicate this when you reserve your trip.

Photo of a customer boarding an accessible taxi.

Photo of a wheelchair that needs 4 securement points to be securely installed on board.

Luggage, groceries and shopping bags

For safety reasons, luggage, groceries and shopping bags are allowed only under the following conditions:

  • You can carry them yourself;
  • They do not take up additional space in the vehicle;
  • They are securely stored or held.

The driver may refuse to take you if you have items you cannot carry yourself.

Trunk space is reserved for mobility aids for passengers who are already on board or who will be picked up later in the trip.

Photo of a customer carrying her own bags.

Photo of a driver helping a customer out of a vehicle.

Exceptions for specific destinations

We carry luggage only in accessible taxis and only if you are travelling to one of the following destinations:

  • Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport;
  • Montreal Central Station (train): 895 De La Gauchetière Street West, Montréal;
  • Dorval Via Rail station: 755 Montréal-Toronto Boulevard, Dorval;
  • Gare d’autocars de Montréal: 1717 Berri Street, Montréal;
  • Megabus bus terminal: 997 Saint-Antoine Street West, Montréal;
  • Camp Papillon: 7275 Sherbrooke Street East, sign post 24-25, Montréal;
  • The Port de Montréal’s Grand Quay: 200 De la Commune Street West, Montréal.

You must indicate that you will be travelling with luggage when you reserve a trip to one of these destinations.

Updating your file

You are responsible for notifying customer service (by selecting option 4 or using our website) of any changes to the information in your file, such as:

Option 4, choice 1:

  • Home address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Medical condition;
  • Use of mobility aids (wheelchair, cane, walker, three- or four-wheel scooter, service dog, etc.);
  • Other

Option 4, choice 2:

  • Medical condition
  • Need for a travel companion;
  • Level of autonomy;

The STM will follow up and update your customer file as needed. Please note that if you do not use Transport adapté services for a period of 24 months, your file will be automatically deactivated.

If your file is deactivated, you may contact customer service (option 4) to learn how to reactivate it.

Change of address

You must notify customer service (option 4) in advance of any change in address so that we can update your regular trip schedule and any confirmed trips with your new address.

If you move off of the Island of Montréal, we can transfer your customer file to the paratransit service provider in your new area. Please complete the authorization form available at

Photo of an agent who is happy to update your file.

Texte important

In order to provide quality service, the STM counts on customers’ family members, caregivers and aides to help with the admission and reservation procedures, ensure safety aboard paratransit vehicles and be present when customers are picked up and dropped off.

For this reason, it is all the more crucial that customer service (option 4) be immediately notified of any changes to a customer’s telephone number, address, emergency contact information, etc.

Before boarding

Family members and other caregivers must ensure that the customer in their care is in an appropriate state of mind and body to travel safely. Customers must never be forced to board a vehicle if they refuse to do so or if they are behaving aggressively, as transporting a customer in such a state puts the customer, the driver and other passengers at risk. In these situations, if customers’ caregivers still want transportation for the customer, they will have to consider options other than Transport adapté.

While boarding

Family members and other caregivers can make the driver’s job easier by showing the travelling customer’s ID, paying their fare and confirming their destination.

Customers’ caregivers should inform the driver of any information that could facilitate boarding or help ensure the customer’s comfort and safety.

Meeting customers at pick-up and drop-off points

To ensure the safety of customers with intellectual or psychiatric disabilities, a person in charge must be waiting with the customer at the pick-up point when the driver arrives.

A person in charge must also meet the customer at their destination.

A customer’s level of autonomy determines whether a person in charge is required at pick-up and drop-off points. Customers may be exempted from this requirement only if they have a signed form attesting to their autonomy at potential destinations.

For more information on this subject, we encourage caregivers to contact customer service (option 4).

It is essential that all involved persons take part in order to ensure customers’ safety.

Photo of a person in charge meeting the customer at their destination.

Texte important

The STM is working to make its bus and métro network more accessible to customers with reduced mobility.

Travelling by métro

To view a list of accessible stations, go to the Elevator access to the métro page under the Accessibility section at

Ask for the help of an STM companion

You may ask an STM employee to help you travel from one station to another. Speak with an attendant at the ticket booth to request this service.

Photo of an elevator in the métro.

Photo of a bus with an access ramp at the front.

Travelling by bus

All STM buses are wheelchair accessible except for Navette or shuttles and buses on the 212 Sainte Anne line. More and more buses have two spaces for customers in wheelchairs.

To ensure reliable and efficient travel for customers in wheelchairs, we encourage you to use buses with an access ramp at the front.

You may use any of the STM’s information tools to check the schedules for buses with ramps at the front.

Travel companions on the regular network

As a Transport adapté customer, your travel companion is entitled to ride on the STM bus and métro network for free. You must still pay your fare and show your Transport adapté ID card on OPUS.

Contact information

Information and online reservation with SIRTA

Telephone : 514 280-8211

Address : Centre de transport adapté de la STM
3111, rue Jarry Est
Montréal (Québec)
H1Z 2C2

Email :

To request a regular trip

Fax : 514 280-6313

To request group transportation only

Fax : 514 280-5317

Email :

Comments and complaints

To ensure ongoing improvement of our services, our customer service agents (option 4) have been instructed by management to welcome all of your comments or complaints and make sure that they receive appropriate follow-up.

You may also submit complaints by using our website.

Useful information

Public transit agencies in Quebec that provide paratransit services






  • Telephone : 819 564-2687
  • Website :




Regroupement des clients du transport adapté (RUTA Montréal)

  • Address : 6363, chemin Hudson, bureau 152, Montréal (Québec), H3S 1M9
  • Telephone : 514 255-0765
  • Website :
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