Safe travel during emergencies

Emergencies happen. Fortunately, Transport adapté is there to help, providing a safe transit option for people with functional limitations and disabilities.

Emergency transportation :

Transport adapté is part of the Centre de sécurité civile de Montréal’s transit plan. We work with the City of Montréal to assess emergencies and how they affect people with reduced mobility. On many occasions over the past few years, Transport adapté has provided transportation to Montrealers during emergencies, including floods, extreme heat and evacuations of institutional buildings such as CHSLDs. More recently, we provided transportation for citizens from regions affected by this summer’s forest fires.

We strive to be agile in our emergency responses without disrupting the travel of our regular customers.

Safe, accessible help in cases of domestic violence.

In Canada, women with disabilities are twice as likely as women without disabilities to be victims of domestic violence.

That’s why we respond when we’re needed.
It’s a simple process: Working closely with specialized authorities, our teams deploy paratransit vehicles to transport victims of domestic violence along with their mobility aids, guide/service dogs and dependents to a designated location, such as a hospital, courthouse, police station, or women’s centre, when requested exclusively by the Montréal police force (SPVM).

Because domestic violence can happen to anyone, the STM does not require individuals to be eligible or registered for paratransit to use this emergency service.

Texte important

This tailored escort service was implemented thanks to the initiative of the RAPLIQ (Regroupement des activistes pour l'inclusion au Québec).

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