Statements of offence and fines

Procedure to follow if you receive a statement of offence

Penal proceedings are instituted by means of a statement of offence and commence at the time the statement is served.

Transmission of plea

You are required to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty within 30 days following the date of service shown in the section concerning the SERVICE of the statement of offence (Section E) or in the reference document identified in that same part of Section E.

If the defendant is a legal person, one of its directors or other officers is required to sign. The signatory must indicate his or her position.

Plea of guilty and payment

If you plead guilty to this offence, you must, at the risk of incurring additional fees, pay the total amount of the fine and costs indicated on the front of the document, in which case you will be considered to have entered a plea of guilty.

You can make your payment by mail, or at any borough office.

Please note that it is not possible to make your payment at a financial institution

Payment instructions:

  • Make your cheque  payable to the Ville de Montréal (do not send cash in the mail)
  • Print your name and the number of the statement of offence on the back of your cheque
  • The cancelled cheque will serve as your receipt.

If you choose to make your payment by mail, send it to:

Ville de Montréal

Municipal Court

P.O. Box 11046
Downtown Station
Montréal, Québec
H3C 4Y2

For further information, call the City of Montréal at 514-872-2964.

Plea of not guilty

If you plead not guilty to the offence, enter your plea on the attached reply form. Your plea must be sent to the address shown on the reply form.

You will be notified by the Clerk of the Court of the date and time set for trial of the proceeding.

Failure to transmit a plea and the whole amount requested

A defendant who does not transmit a plea or the whole amount of the fine and costs requested is deemed to have transmitted a plea of not guilty. The proceeding will then be tried and judgment rendered without further notice, and additional costs may be levied.

Preliminary applications

To provide for your defence, you may make, together with your plea of not guilty, the preliminary applications provided for in sections 168 to 186 of the Code of Penal Procedure.

Right to counsel

You have a right to counsel at all times.


Sûreté des réseaux STM
800, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est, PO Box 185
Montréal (Québec) H2L 4L8
Téléphone : 514 786-4636

Most common fines and offences

By-law R-036

By-law prescribing standards of safety and conduct to be observed by passengers in the rolling stock and immovables operated by or on behalf of the Société de transport de Montréal.

Offence Fine
Delaying the departure of rolling stock or preventing métro doors from closing
$150 to $500
Smoking or having lighted tobacco in one’s possession
$50 to $500
Use an electronic cigarette in such a manner that it emits vapour or smoke
$50 to $500
Consuming alcohol or having an open alcoholic beverage
$100 to $500
Riding a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle or other similar vehicle
$75 to $500

View By-law R-36

By-law A.33.3, r.3

By-law prescribing conditions regarding the possession and use of transit fares.

Offence Fine
Travelling or attempting to travel on the transit system without paying the transit fare
$150 to $500
After paying the transit fare, the user must retrieve the fare medium and keep it with him or her
$150 to $500
Unlawfully using a transit fare or fare medium
$150 to $500

View By-law A.33.3, r.3 (french only)

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