Paratransit - weekly pass, All modes A


Unlimited travel from Monday to Sunday via paratransit and on the bus, métro, train and REM trains (when they become operational) in Zone A.

Fare validity

This transit fare is valid from Monday to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.

Applicable rates

Regular fare: $30.00
Reduced fare (6-17)  1 : $18.00
Reduced fare (65 and up) 1 : $18.00

Purchasing fares

Available on

Carte OPUS OPUS Card

Proof of eligibility for paratransit

You must show your OPUS paratransit ID card to the driver when boarding.

Proof of payment

Show your OPUS card to the driver and mention that you have a weekly pass. The driver will make a note of this on his or her trip sheet, and this will be your proof of payment.

At any time, STM inspectors can proceed with fare control by asking your proof of payment during your transportation aboard our vehicles. Without this proof, fines of up to $500 (excluding fees) may be imposed.

  1. If you are eligible for a reduced fare, the words “tarif réduit” will appear on your OPUS paratransit ID card.
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