Information session on the Chabanel mechanical ventilation station

September 13, 2022 information session on the Chabanel mechanical ventilation station project.

This virtual information session was about the construction of the Chabanel mechanical ventilation station, located on Berri Street at the corner of Chabanel Street. The existing rectifier station, located on the same site, will be expanded and upgraded to install new equipment for the métro.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the upcoming work, its impacts and the mitigation measures put in place.

Answers to the questions asked by several attendees at the information session

The contractor is responsible for removing the snow from the right-of-way of the worksite and from the sidewalk on the east side of Berri Street, which faces the worksite. The borough oversees the snow removal for the sidewalks and streets, and we will contact them to ensure that our worksite does not interfere with these activities. As for the alleyway, we will ensure that it will be cleared of snow as usual.

The alleyway is not part of the worksite. It will remain accessible to residents and cars at all times.

For now, blasting isn’t planned. Should the contractor decide to use this method in the next phase of the work, additional information will be sent to inform residents.

Work will mainly be carried out during the week, within the hours authorized by the borough, from 7 a.m. to approximately 4 p.m. From time to time, we could work outside the usual hours, if necessary. For example, this could be the case for concrete pouring, which cannot be paused halfway. Weekend work might also be performed to make up for delays.

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