Future Chabanel MVS

Construction project : future Chabanel mechanical ventilation station

Project summary

Expansion of existing equipment on Berri Street, between Sauvé and Crémazie stations

As part of our program to refurbish métro network infrastructure, we are building several mechanical ventilation stations in the métro network.

We are planning to expand an existing building on Berri Street, between Crémazie and Legendre Streets, by adding the Chabanel mechanical ventilation station. The new equipment is necessary for us to meet metro ventilation standards between Sauvé and Crémazie stations.

The existing rectifier station will also be updated with a refurbished building envelope. Once completed, the exterior will be more visually appealing.

Duration of the work: Summer 2022 to summer 2025 (dates subject to change)

Description of the work: Expansion of existing rectifier station to integrate a new mechanical ventilation station

Métro impacts: No

Bus impacts: No

Impact on customer trips

This project has no impact on customer trips.

Impact on local residents

This type of construction work requires major excavation. As with any construction site, this may cause noise, vibrations and dust. The worksite will partially block Berri Street near the intersection with Chabanel Street.

To reduce the negative impact on residents, we will implement mitigation measures that are specific to the worksite and to each stage of the work. For example, we will favour the use of electric equipment, which generally emits less dust and noise than other types. Construction work will be limited to the times of day allowed by municipal by-laws, and local access to Berri Street will be maintained at all times. Work is scheduled to start in 2022 and will take about three years to complete.

Once the work is complete, the mechanical ventilation station will comply with all City of Montréal noise by-laws. Huge noise suppressors will mitigate the noise from the fans, installed below ground level, to ensure quiet for residents living nearby. The noise will not exceed 50 decibels, a level comparable to that of a household dishwasher.

We care about the quality of life of residents living close to our facilities. Rest assured that we will take all measures necessary to keep the work’s impact on your activities to a minimum.



Residents near the worksite will receive a notice before work begins.

Learn more about the project

Fall 2020 to summer 2021: Urban planning process and obtaining permits

Winter 2021 to summer 2022: Call for tenders process

Summer 2022 to summer 2025: Construction work

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This work is made possible through funding from the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

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