Rielle mechanical ventilation station

Expansion of the Rielle mechanical ventilation station

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Project summary

As part of our asset maintenance program, we are planning to expand the mechanical ventilation station (MVS) located between Rielle and Gordon streets, north of Wellington Street, next to the Gordon municipal parking lot.

Why is this project necessary?

The MVS has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be expanded and upgraded to comply with current noise and ventilation standards.

After the expansion:

  • The MVS will be much quieter thanks to more powerful noise suppressors. It will comply with all City of Montréal noise by-laws.
  • The tunnel ventilation system will be made more reliable and durable.
Texte important

A public consultation was conducted for this project. Click here for more information.

Beginning of the work: Fall 2024 to fall 2027

Métro impacts: There will be no impact on métro service.

Bus impacts: No bus stops will be affected by this project.

Description of the work

Here are the main steps of the mechanical ventilation station expansion project.

  • Worksite opening (partition installation, worksite trailer placement)
  • Installation of underground utilities and fill
  • Pile drilling and excavation
  • Concrete work
  • Equipment installation and landscaping

Impact on local residents

Noise management
We understand the impact that this work may have on your activities and on neighbourhood noise levels. A noise limit will be imposed on the contractor for all worksite activities. In addition to closely monitoring the level of noise generated by the worksite, the STM will enforce penalties on the contractor in the event of non-compliance with any clauses in its contract.

A team of acoustic engineers will conduct regular sound monitoring at the worksite to ensure that noise levels comply with all city by-laws and our own requirements.

Dust management

  • Anti-dust sheets on all worksite partitions
  • Water spraying during above-ground and underground demolitions
  • Water-spraying of roads during dry periods.


  • On Gordon Street, the parking lane will be blocked, and some parking spaces will be removed.
  • Flaggers will be present during more precarious operations and for a few days of work in public areas.
  • The De la Cours alleyway will remain accessible at all times.

Learn more about the project

Learn more about the project

A mechanical ventilation station is an infrastructure that is equipped with two fans designed to extract hot air from the métro network through inlets fitted with air vents. Huge noise suppressors mitigate the noise from these fans to ensure quiet for residents living close to a ventilation station.

Mechanical ventilation stations serve three essential purposes:

Comfort ventilation
Regulates the ambient temperature and supplies fresh air for transit users by exchanging air from the outside with air inside the métro network.

Night-time ventilation
Ensures a supply of fresh air for night workers carrying out routine maintenance.

Emergency ventilation
In the event of an incident, controls smoke and provides a safe evacuation route for passengers via the nearest métro station and ensures unobstructed access for emergency first responders.

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