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Project summary

By the fall of 2021, Atwater station’s waterproofing membrane will be completely refurbished. This major project requires the closure of De Maisonneuve Boulevard, between Atwater and Wood avenues.

We will take advantage of the excavation work to construct the shafts for the future elevators, which will link the mezzanine to the platforms.

Duration of the work: June 2019 to October 2021

Description of the work: Remplacement of the waterproofing membrane and construction of elevator shafts.

Métro impacts: No

Bus impacts: No

Impact on customer trips

Texte important

The station and its adjacent buildings will remain accessible at all time.

Station platforms :

  • Two support beams have been installed on each of the station platforms to support the structure during construction work on the nearby elevator shafts.

Impact on local residents


We are continuing the work initiated in spring 2019 to replace the waterproofing membrane of Atwater station’s underground roof and preparing to install elevators.

De Maisonneuve Boulevard will remain closed to vehicle traffic, between Atwater and Wood, until October 2021.

Coupe station Atwater


The De Maisonneuve entrance building will remain accessible at all times.

Access to the métro station and its surroundings will be maintained at all times. A pedestrian path and bike lane also connect Atwater and Wood.

The map below shows the worksite configuration

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In recent years, the station’s interior and the De Maisonneuve and Sainte-Catherine entrance buildings were fully renovated. This project will put the finishing touches on the major refurbishment of the station before it becomes universally accessible.


Excavating the ground above the station will allow us to carry out certain structural repairs inside the station and construct the shafts for the future elevators. This will avoid another road closure. We will install elevators in the shafts later.

The station occupies the entire width of the boulevard underground.

Replacing a waterproofing membrane requires excavating the ground above it. We dug one to seven metres deep, depending on the locations.

The closure of construction sites in the spring due to the pandemic caused delays. The excavation phase is now complete, but we recently discovered that more work must be done on the station’s roof structure. This work will be for preventive reasons and will not impact the station’s customers, but it will push back delivery dates and compromise the reopening of the boulevard in the winter.

That is why we must close the boulevard completely until October 2021 to carry out the work. Minimizing the number of work phases enables us to reduce the total duration and cost of the work and increase its efficiency.

You will notice some worksite fencing and scaffolding but they will not impact your trips. We will reconfigure the mezzanine and platform areas for the construction of the elevator shafts. One business and several mechanical rooms will be relocated. The De Maisonneuve entrance building will remain accessible at all times.

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This work is made possible through funding from the ministère des Transports du Québec.

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