Construction of the Langelier station

Worksite summary

As part of the Blue line extension project, this worksite involves building a new accessible métro station with one entrance building. The entire extension is expected to be commissioned in 2030.

Please note that the station name is tentative.

Start of work: We plan to start the excavation work in 2024.

Description of the work: Construction of new surface-level and underground infrastructure.

Next step: Dismantling of two former gas station buildings on the site of the future station in early 2024.

Impact on customer trips

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Impact on local residents

In the coming months, two former gas station buildings will be removed to prepare the site for the excavation and construction of the future Langelier station.

What to expect

  • The dismantling will take place in the area outlined on the map above
  • The work will take place during the day, from Monday to Friday.
  • The building dismantling may cause noise, vibrations and dust.

Once the buildings are removed, the site will be fully cleaned and secured to prepare for the excavation.

To reduce the negative impact on residents, we will implement mitigation measures specific to the worksite and to each stage of the work.

Each stage will be carried out in accordance with all municipal by-laws.

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The work involved relocating urban public utilities, giving us free rein to begin the massive excavation that will be needed to build the new métro station. The utilities that needed to be relocated included water pipes, sewers and underground conduits and cabling.

Before the preparatory work, the project team prepared informative video clips. Watch these clips to learn more about the project:

Description of the preparatory work in the Langelier area (in French).

Description of the preparatory work (in French)

We will keep you informed as the project progresses and let you know when construction will begin.

Yes. When we conduct the mass excavation to build the new métro station entrance building, the land will be decontaminated in compliance with current environmental standards.


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The blue line extension project follows in the wake of the Déclaration du gouvernement du Québec et de la Ville de Montréal to revitalize Montréal East. Many projects are underway to give a new impetus to this sector. Increased mobility, economic development, and improved living environments are at the heart of this ambitious project. For more information, see Qué (in French only).

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