Work at Richelieu rectifier station

Project summary

As part of our métro asset maintenance program, maintenance work is done at the Richelieu rectifier station.

This work will ensure that the rectifier station remains operational for years to come. It will also ensure the reliability of the métro service.

Duration of the work:  September 2021 to spring 2023

Description of the work:  Renovation of the existing rectifier station

Impact on métro service: None

Impact on bus service: None

Impacts on local residents

Workers will be present around and inside the rectifier station, but there will be no impact on local traffic and no obstructions on De Richelieu Street. Most of the work will be done inside the station, apart from some small-scale outdoor tasks, so the impact on local residents should be low.

Work schedule

  • The work will take place mainly during the day, from Monday to Friday, in accordance with municipal by-laws.
  • Some tasks will also be done at night, but only inside the building.

Area map with worksite

Learn more about the project

This work aims to ensure that the rectifier station remains operational for years to come and that the métro service is reliable.

Although the upgrade to the rectifier station will occur on a site adjacent to the Richelieu mechanical ventilation station, the work being done is unrelated to the mechanical ventilation station. 

We care about the quality of life of residents living close to our facilities. Rest assured that we will take all measures necessary to minimize the work’s impact on your activities.

What is a rectifier station?

A rectifier station holds equipment that is necessary to supply electrical power to the tracks in the métro. There are several rectifier stations spread out throughout the STM’s métro network.

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