Bicycles are welcome

In the métro

You can bring your bike (including unicycles, tricycles and other similar equipment) into the métro, as long as you follow these safety rules:

Safety rules

  • You must be at least 14 years old or accompanied by an adult*
  • Bikes are allowed only during these time periods*: 
    Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and after 7 p.m.
    All day Saturday, Sunday, and on legal holidays
    Bikes may be not allowed in métro cars during certain events
  • Bikes allowed only in the front car*
  • A maximum of six (6) bikes allowed in the front car of any given train
  • Allow other passengers to enter or exit before you*
  • Hold your bike close to you at all times and maintain control of it; do not rest it against seats or any other métro facilities.

* See By-law R-036.

It is strictly forbidden to do the following:

  • Ride a bicycle or use any other means of transportation, including scooters, skateboards, in-line skates, unicycles and tricycles inside métro facilities.
  • Transport gas-powered scooters; see By-law R-036, which prohibits the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Park a bicycle or any other object for any length of time inside a métro station or on a métro car; you must hold it at all times.

Temporary restrictions

The STM reserves the right to temporarily refuse access to a métro station or métro car to someone with a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle or similar means of transportation during events that generate high ridership or other exceptional situations. See the schedule of restrictions for the list of upcoming planned events that will impact bringing bikes in the métro.

Accepted on board our trains

  • Bicycle
  • Electric bicycle
  • Kick scooter
  • Unicycle
  • Tricycle
  • Other similar items

Bicycle stands

Bike stands are always available near métro stations. Number of bicycle stands available at each station.

Bicycle slides

Bicycle slides are available at Longueuil—Université-de-Sherbrooke and Viau métro stations. The slides allow you to access the platform without having to lift your bicycle.

Instructions for using bicycle slides 

On buses

At all times, it is forbidden to transport a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle or any other similar object aboard buses. However, bike racks are now available at the front of the vehicle on nine bus lines. These racks allow the transport of a maximum of two bikes, from April 15 to November 15.

for loading bikes on racks

Do you have a folding scooter or folding bicycle?

You can bring scooters and folding bikes onto the bus or métro (except for gas-powered scooters, which are prohibited) as long as they do not interfere with the movement of passengers or employees and does not compromise the safety of people or vehicles. Bikes and scooters must remain folded at all times while on public transit.

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