Debit and credit card payment at métro fare booths

Debit and credit card payment at métro fare booths

Métro station fare booths only accept debit or credit card payment.

Cash payment is still accepted at fare vending machines. The dollar limit on cash transactions has been increased to allow customers to purchase monthly passes.

Employees are available in métro stations to help anyone who is less familiar with the fare vending machines.

Customer using wheelchairs

Please note that fare vending machines are not accessible to most wheelchair users. However, fare booth payment terminals and reloading terminals are.

If you would like to pay cash, you can buy your fares before your trip, at an authorized retailer. Accessible businesses are marked as such. You can also ask a station agent to help you make a purchase at a fare vending machine.

More information on transit network accessibility

Tips for a smooth transition

Choose debit and credit card payment

This payment method is gaining popularity with métro customers and is now available at all fare booths.

Buy your fares in advance

On the Chrono app

If you have an OPUS card, you can use the Chrono app to buy transit fares and load them directly onto your card.

Find out more on how to reload your OPUS card via the app

At one of 350 authorized retailers

STM transit fares are currently sold at roughly 350 local businesses. It is now possible to find the authorized retailer closest to you with the help of the new location tool, available on our mobile website only. On the main page, open the map features on the bottom right corner and tick the Authorized retailers box.

This information is also available on Chrono app (Android) and Transit app (iPhone and Android).

Over the year 2022, a number of new retailers will be added to the list.

Buy multiple fares at once

Did you know that you can load your OPUS card with up to four 10-trip fares ? These fares never expire, so you can make sure you don’t run out. You can also protect your fare balance by registering your OPUS card. You will be able to keep your fares if you ever lose your card.

Check your balance before you get to the station

Not sure if you have any fares left? You can now check your OPUS card fare balance with the Chrono app.

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