En bus et en métro c'est plus rigolo et c'est gratuit

Reduced fares for children

Travelling with young children

When travelling with young children, plan ahead to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

In the métro

  • Don't cross the yellow textured edge tiles until the train comes to a full stop
  • Allow other passengers to exit the train before boarding
  • Have your children board the métro car one at a time, without shoving
  • Ask your children to hold on to a support pole if there are no available seats. Don't let them sit on the floor.
  • Prepare your children to disembark one stop ahead of time

On the bus

  • While waiting for the bus, stand away from the curb
  • For boarding and moving inside the bus more easily, we recommend that you use a stroller no wider than 56 cm as an alternative to umbrella strollers.
  • On the bus, ask your children to hold on to a support pole if there are no available seats. Don't let them sit on the floor
  • Remind them to NEVER put their head or limbs outside the windows
Texte important

Aboard the bus

The driver can lower the front of the bus to sidewalk level. Do not hesitate to make such a request. Boarding or exiting the bus will be so much easier for you!

Travelling with a stroller

Plan your trip ahead of time

  • On the bus or in the métro, use an umbrella stroller. Lightweight and practical, they take up little room and are easy to fold and unfold with one hand
  • You might also consider other options such as baby carriers
  • A small backpack used as a diaper bag can simplify your journey
  • Avoid rush hours by travelling between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

In the métro

  • At turnstyles, use the gates reserved for wheelchairs and strollers
  • Some métro stations can be accessed by elevator.

On the bus

  • Aboard low-floor buses, you have priority access to the reserved area if it is not already occupied by someone in a wheelchair
  • You must always board the bus via the front door, but to limit trafic near the driver, it is asked to go out by the rear door.

STM Family Outings

Children 11 and under travel free

Up to five children 11 and under travel free when accompanied by an adult with a valid fare card.

The offer applies on weekends (from Friday 4 p.m. to closing time on Sunday night), all legal holidays, and during specified periods.

 747 bus

This offer is not valid aboard the 747 shuttle serving Montréal -Trudeau Airport.

Enjoy discounts exclusive to STM customers!

  • Our partners offer substantial discounts on activities for the whole family.
  • Check ahead with STM partners for eligible dates and times.

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