65 and up

Reduced fares for those 65 and up

A registered photo ID OPUS card is required to pay the reduced fare for those 65 and up.

See more about photo ID OPUS cards

Plan your trips

  • Updates on the status of métro, bus, and elevator service are available at STM.info
  • To avoid crowds, plan to travel between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Transit system accessibility

  • Some métro stations can be accessed by elevator.
  • All vehicles feature a low floor, except those used for the Navette Or shuttles and the 212 – Sainte-Anne bus line.
Texte important

Aboard the bus

The driver can lower the front of the bus to sidewalk level. Do not hesitate to make such a request. Boarding or exiting the bus will be so much easier for you!

Navettes Or

Navettes Or (gold) shuttles are designed to give you access to the most popular destinations in your neighbourhood at the regular STM fare.

Locating Navette Or stops

The bus line number is printed in the gold rectangle. Using the five-digit bus stop code, you can get scheduling information by telephone or SMS text message*.

5 ways to view bus schedules

Navettes Or by minibus

Navettes Or by taxi

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