For your safety, always use pedestrian crosswalks when lights give you the right of way. Note that using the reserved bus lanes is also prohibited. You could receive a ticket.

Now in service

The section between Saint-Martin Boulevard in Laval and Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue in Montréal is now in service (except in the Jean-Talon area). There are 28 BRT shelters available, located mainly in the centre of the road.


Revised service offering

Some changes have been made to schedules, trips and stop locations.

439 Express Pie-IX

This line’s frequency has been enhanced since it is now the main BRT line. You can board from the shelters located in the centre of the road.

Please note that all-door boarding is permitted on 439 Pie-IX buses.

Buses on this line will take three different routes:

  • Monday to Friday, all day
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Monday to Friday, all day
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Monday to Friday, southbound during morning rush hour
  • Monday to Friday, northbound during afternoon rush hour
  • Saturday and Sunday, no service

See schedule of line 439 Express Pie-IX:

439 Express Pie-IX direction South

439 Express Pie-IX direction North

139 Pie-IX: curbside

This line has had its frequency reduced due to its new role as a local bus.  However, 439 Express Pie-IX is running more frequently to compensate. Additionally, one of line 439’s routes has been extended to Notre-Dame Street and includes stops currently served by line 139. Stops are located at the curbside.

Please note that all-door boarding is not permitted on 139 Pie-IX buses, as this line is no longer served by articulated buses.

See schedule of line 139 Pie-IX:

139 Pie-IX direction South

139 Pie-IX direction North

355 Pie-IX: curbside night bus

Line 355 Pie-IX’s schedule and frequency have not changed.

Stops are localted at the curbside.

See the schedule of line 355 Pie-IX:

355 Pie-IX direction South

355 Pie-IX direction North

Texte important

Construction of Pierre-De Coubertin BRT shelter: Pierre-De Coubertin / Pie-IX bus stop (northbound) relocated

As of May 31, 2023 and until fall 2023, the Pierre-De Coubertin / Pie-IX bus stop (53019) will be relocated to the south of Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue, during the construction of the BRT shelter at this intersection, on the east side.

Pedestrian traffic will remain possible on the east sidewalk of Pie-IX Boulevard in this area by using the walkway that will bypass the construction zone.

STL and exo bus lines

STL lines 52 and 252 will also use the BRT reserved lanes and will keep their current routes and schedules. Exo lines 25 and 25B will be added to the BRT in Montréal in 2023.

For more information:  exo.quebec stlaval.ca

For help with trip planning and departure times, we recommend Chrono.

  • If you are travelling between Laval (Zone B) and the agglomeration of Montréal (Zone A), in either direction, you will need an All Modes AB fare to transfer to the métro or train.
  • If you are travelling within the agglomeration of Montréal (Zone A), you will need an All Modes A fare to transfer to the métro or train.
  • If you are travelling between the agglomeration of Montréal (Zone A) and the northern suburbs (Zone C), in either direction, you will need an All Modes ABC fare to transfer to the métro or train.
  • If you are only taking the bus, you can use a bus fare.

To find the right public transit fare for your trip, use the fare selector tool on the website of the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM).

Pie-IX BRT project summary

The Pie-IX BRT is a new bus rapid transit service designed to be comfortable, accessible and safe. It serves eastern Laval and crosses through four Montréal boroughs. The BRT also offers transfers to the métro Green line, commuter trains and a future Blue line extension métro station.

Buses use the reserved lanes seven days a week. This means that car traffic does not slow them down. They also get priority at traffic lights.

Building the BRT was also an opportunity to rethink the way Pie-IX was designed. The City of Montréal has upgraded the street’s sewer and water networks and widened the sidewalks, in addition to rebuilding the roads and medians along the BRT route.

Next steps of the project

  • The BRT shelters at Jean-Talon and Bélanger will be commissioned in 2023, due to the ongoing construction work on the pedestrian tunnel from the Pie-IX BRT to the future Blue line extension métro station.
  • The Pierre-De Coubertin BRT shelters will also be ready in 2023, once the work at Pie-IX station has been completed.
  • The reserved lanes on the Pie-IX Bridge will also be ready in 2023 (work conducted by the Ministère des Transports (in French only).
  • A call for tenders process is currently underway for the project to extend the Pie-IX BRT to between Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue and Notre-Dame Street East.

Under construction: Pedestrian tunnel at the intersection of Jean-Talon Street and Pie-IX Boulevard

The Pie-IX BRT project includes the construction of a pedestrian tunnel connecting the Pie-IX BRT to the future blue line extension station.

Once completed, the BRT shelters at the intersection of Pie-IX and Jean-Talon will be equipped with elevators and stairs that will lead directly to the future métro station on the blue line extension via this underground access.

Description of the work

Work includes excavating the Jean-Talon / Pie-IX intersection, relocating water mains, building the pedestrian tunnel, two elevators, staircases, and two BRT shelters.

Duration of the work

Work began in June 2021 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Work area

Work is taking place on Pie-IX Boulevard, between Bélair and Everett streets, and on Jean-Talon Street, between 22nd and 23rd avenues.

Texte important

Worksite update - May 2023

Work on the Pie-IX BRT project in the Jean-Talon area is well underway, and a major step in the project will soon be completed. The construction of the pedestrian tunnel under Pie-IX Boulevard will be done soon. Until fall 2023, the last months of the project will involve finishing the redevelopment of the boulevard and the construction of the Pie-IX BRT shelters.

Here are some photos taken inside the pedestrian tunnel showing how the work is progressing:

The pedestrian tunnel under Pie-IX Boulevard is 190 metres long, and the concrete structure is now complete.

Photo on the left:

On the right-hand side of the photo, a wooden partition shows where a passageway will provide access to the future métro station’s main entrance building.

Photo on the right:

Stairs and elevators will allow customers to access the pedestrian tunnel leading to the métro station directly from the Pie-IX BRT shelters.

Texte important

Temporary parking zones

Temporary parking zones are located on Pie-IX Boulevard near Belair and Everett streets and are reserved exclusively for parking permit holders.

As of June 4, 2023, the two temporary parking zones offered to residents of Pie-IX Boulevard will be relocated :

  • On Pie-IX Boulevard north of Bélair Street
  • Between Everett and Villeray streets, on the east side of Pie-IX Boulevard.

Please note that the parking zones currently located south of Bélair and Everett streets will no longer be accessible as of Monday, June 5, 7:00 a.m. Please plan to move your vehicle to the new temporary parking zones before this date.

Also note that as of June 5, 2023, a parking permit will no longer be required to use the temporary parking zones.

Work schedule: The work schedule will adjust to the progress of the site. Exceptionally, work may also take place in the evening or at night.The work could be postponed in the event of operational constraints or unfavorable weather conditions.

On-street parking: Current regulations prohibit parking on Pie-IX Boulevard. However, during the work, parking will be permitted exceptionally on the east side of the Boulevard between Bélanger and Bélair.

Sidewalks and access: Pedestrian access to buildings will be maintained at all times.The sidewalk will be partially blocked due to excavation at the intersection of Pie-IX and Jean-Talon. Detours will be set up for pedestrians.

Garbage, recycling and organic waste collection: Collection schedules will be maintained for the duration of the work. Please clearly identify your bins.

Businesses on Pie-IX Boulevard: Please note that the businesses on Pie-IX Boulevard will remain open during the work.

Water shut-offs: Water may be shut off during certain work. Notices will be distributed to affected homes 48 hours before a shut-off. We ask that you pay close attention to these notices so that you can prepare accordingly.

If you have planned a move or residential work, please contact us: 514 786-4636 or write to us.

Follow the project’s progress: srbpieix.ca/inscription

Texte important

Modification to road traffic, north of Jean-Talon Street as of June 4, 2023.

Please consult the "Notice to residents" section for more information (french only).

Jean-Talon Street

Jean-Talon Street is closed to road traffic between 21st and 23rd avenues.

South of Jean-Talon:

  • The Pie-IX Boulevard is closed to traffic between Bélair and Jean-Talon streets.

North of Jean-Talon:

  • The west side of Pie-IX Boulevard is closed to traffic between Everret and Jean-Talon.
  • Traffic is permitted for residents on the east side of Pie-IX Boulevard between Everett and Jean-Talon streets. 
  • Temporary parking lots are available on Pie-IX Boulevard between Everett and Jean-Talon streets, east side.

Work will take place on streets adjacent to Pie-IX Boulevard. Streets near the Jean-Talon/Pie-IX area may be partially closed.

The 141 - Jean-Talon, 188 - Couture and 372 - Jean-Talon bus lines are diverted to the streets adjacent to the work. A reserved lane is in place on the Bélanger and Provencher corridors to optimize service.

Bus lines 41 - Quartier Saint-Michel/Ahuntsic, 139 - Pie-IX, 439 - Express Pie-IX and 355 - Pie-IX are also diverted in this area. 

Texte important

To plan your trips, use the trip planner or consult your bus schedule to check out the status of the bus service in real time.

Subscribe to receive notices regarding work underway

*This information is available only in French: srbpieix.ca

For any questions regarding work underway, you can also contact us at 514-786-4636 or write to us.



The Pie-IX BRT shelters are spacious and comfortable. They are accessible to people with functional limitations and include electronic displays that show upcoming bus departures in real time.

Buses on the Pie-IX BRT will travel in the same direction as the traffic, at all times exclusively on a dedicated lane, generally in the middle of the boulevard. 

A number of protection measures have been integrated to ensure the safety of transit users and pedestrians, including the following: 

  • Reduced speed of traffic thanks to narrower lanes 
  • Elimination of all left turns unprotected by traffic lights 

Around the shelters, a variety of protection measures will be deployed:

  • BRT shelters are surrounded by short concrete walls with guardrails to protect transit users. 
  • Fencing installed across from the shelters will prevent people from crossing the road other than at intersections. 
  • At intersections with BRT stops, pedestrian crossing lights with digital and audio countdown and a call button have been installed at curbside and on the median at the shelter crossing, to help pedestrians cross. 
  • Emergency help stations have been installed in all shelters to maximize customer safety. 
  • Pedestrian crossings have been widened. 
  • The reserved lane is a different colour, to avoid confusion for car drivers. 
  • Although the BRT will not be in operation from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., the reserved lanes will remain closed to other vehicles.

Yes. The BRT shelters are marked with strips of tactile paving in contrasting colours and slightly raised from street level by about 13 mm, making them easy to locate. Pedestrian crossing lights with digital and audio countdown and a call button have also been installed to help users cross Pie-IX Boulevard safely. Each stop also includes a wheelchair boarding area.


About the artwork

“Presented in pairs, the pieces appear as geometric variations inspired by the diamond emblem of the Pie-IX BRT project. […] The forms evoke both the sinuous twisting of a road and the constant movement that characterizes the comings and goings of public transit.” 

“As a symbolic reflection of the multiculturalism of public transit users, KYRIELLE seeks to honour the hybrid identities of Montréal and Laval and to revive a sense of pride, belonging and citizenship. The project is not only a vivid way to promote the new face of the Pie-IX BRT but also a chance to truly highlight the cultural diversity that drives both cities, while presenting a joyful, unifying vision of the street.” 

More information about the artist

Various electrification scenarios were analysed, first by the AMT in 2011 and then by the STM in 2013 and 2014.

Further to these studies, the scenario of an electric bus (or trolleybus) was not retained by the AMT, the City of Montréal or the STM, essentially due to very high costs, the impact of poles and overhead cables, and conflicts between the underground bases needed to support the power supply and municipal underground systems. The bases supporting the poles required for electrification are much larger than normal street light bases. In addition, there would be conflicts between these much larger bases and the roots of the numerous mature trees along the boulevard, the potable water main in the middle of the boulevard and certain sections of the sewer that have been retrofitted by the City of Montréal since 2011 in preparation for the Pie-IX BRT.

The City of Montréal and the ARTM have agreed to take advantage of implementation of the Pie-IX BRT to carry out municipal infrastructure work (roadwork and underground systems) that is needed due to the end of the systems’ useful lives and asset capacity limits.

Integration of municipal infrastructure work into the Pie-IX project has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of both partners’ costs by combining certain worksite expenses
  • Minimization of inconvenience for residents and users by carrying out all the work at the same time.

A call for tenders process is currently underway for the project to extend the Pie-IX BRT to between Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue and Notre-Dame Street East. Based on the outcome of the process, the winning bidder will be announced in the second half of 2023.

The Pie-IX BRT extension project includes the installation of 1.6 km of permanent, two-way reserved lanes in the middle of Pie-IX Boulevard between Pierre-de Coubertin Avenue and Notre-Dame Street, the upgrading of municipal infrastructure, and the redevelopment of Pie-IX Boulevard.

Residents of the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough will ultimately benefit from all that the Pie-IX BRT infrastructure has to offer in terms of reliability, intermodality, speed, and safety.

The project in images

The Pie-IX BRT project is a joint effort between the ARTM, the City of Montréal , the Ministère des Transports (MTQ)the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), and their partners, the City Laval,  the Société de transport de Laval (STL), exola Société québecoise des infrastructures (SQI) as well as the various boroughs served.

The Pie-IX BRT project is one of the projects developed following the declaration made by the Government of Quebec and the City of Montréal to revitalize the east end of Montréal. Many others are underway to breathe new life into the area. Increased mobility, economic development and improved living environments for citizens are the main focuses of this ambitious undertaking. Visit Québec.ca/RevitalisationEstMontreal to learn more.

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