Bus network electrification

The mobility of tomorrow is electric

Public transit is not only an effective way for people to get around, it also helps them reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here's how:

  • By expanding the offer of public transit service to encourage more motorists to use it.
  • By gradually electrifying our bus fleet.
    • From 2025 on, if technology allows, we are committed to acquiring only 100% electric vehicles to reach zero GHG emissions by 2040.
  • By replacing some of our service vehicles with hybrid or electric models.

Did you know? 

73.7% of trips on our network used electricity in 2018.

What's next ?

A few years ago, we started the transition toward hybrid buses, which emit 30% fewer GHGs than diesel buses. For the electric buses, we will need to do some testing to find the best configurations and charging technologies for our public transit needs.

Electric buses

A demonstration projet called City Mobility is currently on the road with two fast-charging stations and three fully electric buses on the 36 Monk line. And, soon, we will add more electric buses to our fleet.

More information about electric buses

Hybrid buses

Over 477 hybrid buses are now travelling the city streets. We are getting greener!

More information about hybrid buses

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