Brand use and visibility

Application standards – Images and logos

Use of corporate brand is subject to conditions.

Please read the section about STM’s current images and logos. You may download them free of charge and use them to illustrate STM-related articles or documents, or insert them in ads promoting public transportation (to indicate, for example, that your business is located next to a métro station). However, we ask that you comply with the Logo Application Standards as well as any trademarks and copyrights

Some names, words, titles, expressions, logos, pictograms or graphic designs appearing in the website’s pages may be STM trademarks. Any fraudulent use or alteration could breach federal trademark and copyright laws. Should you require a different logo file, please contact our graphic designers.

Permission for using logos, images or photos and consulting archives.

To look for or use logos, images or photos, either current or archival, other than those shown in the preceding section, you must email your application to and provide the following information:

  • Application request (list of photos, métro map, logo, etc.):
  • Project:
    • Name of project
    • Brief description of project
    • Nature of project (audio-visual or print production, website, etc.)
    • Project dissemination area (Québec, Canada, international market, etc.)
    • Start of dissemination period
    • Preferred date for reception of documents
    • Number of copies (if print production)
    • Sale price of copies (if applicable)
  • Contact information of person submitting or in charge of application:
    • Last and first names
    • Name of company / organization
    • Title / position
    • Mailing address
    • Postal code
    • Telephone numbers
    • Email address
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