Transportation-related injuries: Think it can’t happen to you?

Did you know? Customer injuries are actually far too common during trips, both inside and outside our vehicles.

From early this year to September, we counted about a hundred such incidents.

How do customers get injured inside vehicles?

Most injuries occur when customers:

  1. Move from their mobility aid to their seat in the vehicle.
  2. Fall while boarding, exiting or walking inside a vehicle.
  3. Go up minibus steps or ramps, with or without a mobility aid.
  4. Get up from their seat before the vehicle has fully stopped.

To avoid falls on board vehicles, it is important to:

  • Wait for the vehicle to come to a full stop before getting up.
  • Wait until the driver is standing by to help you when moving from your mobility aid to the vehicle seat.

How do customers get injured outside vehicles?

In most cases, the main cause of customer injury outside vehicles is falling while moving between the vehicle and the door of the pick-up or drop-off location.

How can we prevent these incidents?

Drivers are obligated to accompany you from door to door. This is an important part of their job. As a customer, you also have a role to play in protecting yourself from injury, by doing the following:

  • Make sure that the path between the door to your home and your vehicle pick-up location is as safe as possible (shovelled and salted, etc.).
  • If there is any roadwork blocking your home’s pick-up location, let us know when you make your reservation, so that the driver can be notified.
  • When boarding, wait at the door for the driver to come get you and help you into the vehicle.
  • Always give drivers any relevant information about your current condition, so that they can take the necessary precautions when accompanying you to the vehicle and driving you to your destination.
  • You can always ask your driver for additional help, at any stage of the trip, until you reach your seat in the vehicle or during drop-off.
  • During drop-off, wait for the driver to open the door for you and help you to your door.

We understand that your condition may change over time. Please notify customer service of any changes to be made to your file. This will help us offer you better service.

Texte important

By the numbers

60% of injury incidents occur outside the vehicle.

Of those incidents:

  • 60% occur at home.
  • 63% occur during boarding.
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