282 Côte-Vertu Ouest

How does it work?

The 282 Côte-Vertu Ouest Shared Taxibus service provides a link between the Côte-Vertu métro station and businesses located on Côte-Vertu West (west of the A40) on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

At all times, trips must have the following stop as their origin or destination (terminus)

- Côte-Vertu métro station

How to use the service


It's easy! Book your trip within the defined time schedule and board within a maximum of 30 minutes.

  • Mention the name of the service, your boarding and disembarking stops and the number of people accompanying you,
  • Indicate the desired boarding OR disembarking time
  • Arrive at your stop at least 5 minutes before the taxi arrives

Booking 30 minutes before your trip will guarantee you a seat on board.

There are two ways to reserve you trip:

  •     By phone at 514 636-6666
  •     Online (in french) New: You can follow the taxi's position in real time.
Texte important

If you use a mobility aid requesting the use of an accessible taxi, mention this when making your reservation by phone. Note that an online reservation does not allow to consider this need.

How much does it cost?

You must show a valid transit fare that is one of the accepted Shared taxibus fares when you board a taxi.

Accepted transit passes:

  Accepted fares on OPUS card:

  • Monthy, All modes A.
  • Weekly, All modes A.
  • 4-month, All modes A.
  • Monthy passes, All modes AB, ABC, ABCD and bus fares are also allowed.
  • Free 65+ All Modes A (Residents of the agglomeration of Montréal).

  Accepted fare on magnetic card:

  • 1-trip, All modes A.

Cash payment is not accepted onboard taxis.

For customers transferring to bus, métro or train networks:

You must pay your fare by validating it or making a cash payment when you board a bus and train or enter the métro station. Regular fares apply.


In service on weekends, all day, and on public holidays.

Weekends and public holidays

From 5:45am to 12:05am

Service area

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Shared taxibus stops

  • Côte-Vertu / Montée-de-Liesse (CVE-100)
  • Côte-Vertu / Montée-de-Liesse (CVE-101)
  • Côte-Vertu / S. Amour (CVE-102)
  • Côte-Vertu / S. Amour (CVE-103)
  • Côte-Vertu / Garderie Canadair (CVE-104)
  • Côte-Vertu / Garderie Canadair (CVE-105)
  • Côte-Vertu / Hervé S. Martin (CVE-106)
  • Côte-Vertu / Hervé S. Martin (Cve-107)
  • Côte-Vertu / Centre technique Air Canada (CVE-108)
  • Côte-Vertu / Centre technique Air Canada (CVE-109)
  • Gohier / Côte-Vertu (CVE-110)
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