Bicycles are welcome

Your bike in the métro, more often!

The pilot project continues to allow bikes more often in the métro.

From May 20, 2024 to August 18, 2024 inclusively

Authorized at all times

Restrictions may apply during major events.

Starting August 19, 2024

Authorized Monday through Friday:

  • From opening until 7:00 AM
  • From 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  • From 6:00 p.m. until closing

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: at all times

At all times :

We ask that you avoid the first métro car, as it is dedicated to groups of kids and students, as well as people with reduced mobility

A maximum of 1 bicycle per door for boarding is allowed

A maximum of 2 bicycles per car is authorized


You can bring your bike (including unicycles, tricycles and other similar equipment) into the métro, as long as you follow these safety rules:

Safety rules

  • You must be at least 14 years old or accompanied by an adult
  • Bikes may be not allowed in métro cars during certain events
  • Let other passengers exit the train before boarding
  • Hold your bike close to you at all times and maintain control of it; do not rest it against seats or any other métro facilities.

See By-law R-036.

It is strictly forbidden to do the following:

  • Ride a bicycle or use any other means of transportation, including scooters, skateboards, in-line skates, unicycles and tricycles inside métro facilities.
  • Transport gas-powered scooters; see By-law R-036, which prohibits the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Park a bicycle or any other object for any length of time inside a métro station or on a métro car; you must hold it at all times.

Temporary restrictions

The STM reserves the right to temporarily refuse access to a métro station or métro car to someone with a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle or similar means of transportation during events that generate high ridership or other exceptional situations. See the schedule of restrictions for the list of upcoming planned events that will impact bringing bikes in the métro.

Accepted on board our trains

  • Bicycle
  • Electric bicycle
  • Kick scooter
  • Unicycle
  • Tricycle
  • Other similar items

Do you have a folding scooter or folding bicycle?

At any time, it is permitted to transport a scooter or a folding bike as long as they remain folded for the entire duration of your trip.

  • Gasoline scooters are prohibited for safety reasons.
  • You must not interfere with the circulation of passengers and staff.
  • It is important that your folding bike or scooter does not compromise the safety of our employees, other passengers or vehicles.

Bicycle stands

Located next to métro stations, parking for bicycles is available at all time. First come, first served.


Number of parking for bicycles



station Angrignon


station Beaubien


Station de métro Cadillac


Station de métro Cartier


station Champ-de-Mars


station Charlevoix


station Côte Sainte-Catherine


station Côte-des-Neiges


station Côte-Vertu


station Crémazie


station De Castelnau


station De la Concorde


station De la Savane


station De l'Église


station D'Iberville


station Du Collège


station Édouard-Montpetit


station Fabre


station Frontenac


station Georges-Vanier


station Henri-Bourassa


station Honoré-Beaugrand


station Jarry


station Jean-Talon


station Jolicoeur


station Joliette


station Langelier


station Lasalle


station L'Assomption


station Laurier


station Lionel-Groulx


station Lucien-L'Allier


station Monk


station Montmorency


station Mont-Royal


station Namur


station Outremont


station Papineau


station Parc


station Pie-IX


station Place-Saint-Henri


station Place-d'Armes


station Place-des-Arts


station Plamondon


station Préfontaine


station Radisson


station Rosemont


station Saint-Laurent


station Saint-Michel


station Sauvé


station Sherbrooke


station Square-Victoria-OACI


station Université-de-Montréal


station Vendôme


station Verdun


station Viau


station Villa-Maria


Bike shelter at Lionel-Groulx métro station

If you are an STM customer and a cycling fan, you could enjoy free use of our controlled-access shelter located only a few steps from the station.

Métro station Lionel-Groulx

More info here.

Bicycle slides

Available at the following stations, they allow you to access the platform without carrying your bike:

Métro station Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke

Métro station Viau


Step 1- Place the bicycle’s front wheel on the slide Step 1 - Place the bicycle’s front wheel on the slide

Step 2: Position the pedal above the slide at its maximum height Step 2: Position the pedal above the slide at its maximum height

Step 3: Move the bicycle forward slowly to place the rear wheel on the slide  Step 3: Move the bicycle forward slowly to place the rear wheel on the slide

Step 4 : Keep both hands on the brakes Step 4 - Keep both hands on the brakes

Step 5 : Walk down the stairs slowly and carefully, holding on to your bicycle Step 5 - Walk down the stairs slowly and carefully, holding on to your bicycle

On buses

It is forbidden to transport a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle or any other similar object aboard buses. However, folding scooters and bikes are authorized, so long as they remain folded for the entire duration of your trip.

Bike racks are now available at the front of the vehicle on nine bus lines. These racks allow the transport of a maximum of two bikes, from April 15 to November 15.

Bicycle racks

Texte important

Most bicycles can fit on our bike racks. However, some restrictions apply:

- Any bicycle with a wheelbase of more than 111 cm;

- Any bike with wheels less than 40 cm or more than 74 cm in diameter;

- Any bicycle with rear support wheels;

- All electric bicycles

The maximum width of bicycle tires that the rack allows is 5.97 cm. Maximum weight per bike is 110 lbs (50 kg).

Please note

It is prohibited to transport bikes on the front bike racks of buses that are travelling in the dedicated Pie-IX BRT lane. Read section 23, paragraph 2, of By-law R.4(2022) regarding bikes (French only).

ligne 34 Sainte-Catherine

ligne 94 D'Iberville

ligne 140 Fleury

ligne 146 Christophe-Colomb / Meilleur

ligne 180 De Salaberry

ligne 185 Sherbrooke

ligne 715 Vieux-Montréal / Vieux-Port

ligne 769 La Ronde / Station Papineau

When the bus arrives, inform the driver that you want to use the bicycle rack. If someone else wants to remove their bike from the rack, wait for them to finish before loading yours.

  1. If the bike rack is in the closed position, hold your bicycle with one hand and, with the other, pull the handle upward to release the latch, then lower the rack.
    Si le support est fermé, tenez votre vélo d’une main et, de l’autre, tirez la poignée vers le haut pour dégager le verrou. Abaissez ensuite le support.
  2. Lift your bicycle and place the wheels in the wheel slots. The first bicycle should be loaded in the space closest to the bus.
    Soulevez votre vélo et placez les roues dans l’espace prévu à cette fin. Le premier vélo devrait occuper l’espace le plus près de l’autobus.
  3. Raise the support arm over the front tire as high as it will go without touching the bicycle’s frame or fender.
    Ramenez le bras d’appui sur votre pneu aussi haut que vous le pouvez, mais sans qu’il touche au cadre ou au garde-boue.   
  1. Before reaching your destination, inform the driver that you need to remove your bicycle from the rack.
  2. Raise the support arm and return it to the horizontal position.
  3. Lift your bicycle and remove it from the rack.
    Descendez votre vélo du support.
  4. If the rack is empty, fold it up until it locks into place. 
    Si le support est vide, repliez-le jusqu’à ce qu’il soit verrouillé.
  5. Move away from the bus and signal to the driver that the path is clear.


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