Transit etiquette


At the bus stop, in the station, on the platform, bus or métro: reconnect with transit etiquette to make everyone’s trip a little more enjoyable.

1. Give up your seat
Getting distracted by your 154 unread emails instead of giving up your seat.

It’s always a good idea to look out for others! In a bus or the métro, look around you and be courteous by offering your seat to a person who needs it.

2. Remove your backpack

Taking up allllllllll the space.

Taking off your backpack is helpful, because it keeps you from taking up too much space and blocking other people’s way.

3. Respect is key!

Blowing up at an employee because it's a full moon.

Whether it’s a full moon, Mercury is in retrograde, or you’re just having a bad day, respect is key no matter what. That goes for employees and other customers alike.

4. Pick up after yourself

Leaving your double choco-chip frappé on the seat.

Picking up after yourself is just basic manners. Leaving litter on the platform or train seats can even lead to service slowdowns, as trash can block the doors or fall onto the tracks. And honestly—no one wants to step or sit in a puddle of coffee anyway!

Say it on social media

Spilled coffee on the floor? Graffiti on the bus? Litter in the station? Damaged seat?

During your trips with us, if you witness a non-emergency situation that requires action from our teams, let us know via social media so that we can intervene as quickly as possible.

If you ever experience a safety issue or need immediate assistance aboard a bus, please talk to the driver. On the métro, there are several ways to get help: visit our web page on métro safety.

5. Move to the back and exit there, too

When you get on the bus, move toward the back to make room for more customers to board. Smoother boarding means less time spent at bus stops during your trip.

6. Let others exit before you enter

In the bus and métro network, improve fluidity by letting others exit before you enter.

7. Talk more quietly and turn down the volume

When using public transit, respect others by not talking too loudly on the phone and by keeping the sound on your electronic devices to yourself.

8. Wait in line

At a bus stop, the first to arrive is the first to board. Wait your turn to make riding public transit better.

9. Keep your transit fare

Whether travelling by bus or métro, your validated transit fare serves as proof of payment for the duration of your trip. Keep it to avoid a fine of $150 (minimum) plus applicable fees.

10. Clear the reserved area

Clear the reserved area in a bus or the métro when a wheelchair user, a person travelling with a stroller or any other person requires this space.

11. Share the space

When using public transit, leave seats clean and available for other passengers by not putting your feet, bags or other personal items on the seats.

12. Have your transit fare ready

To speed up boarding times on buses, have your transit fare ready to validate as soon as you get on.

13. Share the tripod

In the métro, improve your stability by holding the tripod with your hand only. This way, others can use it.

14. Hold on to your bags

In a bus or the métro, make sure you hold on tightly to your bags. Keep the central aisle and doors clear at all times. This will allow other customers to move around safely.

15. Hold on tightly to your phone

All objects that end up on the tracks, such as phones, cause service disruptions. Hold on tightly to your phone when on the platform and stay behind the yellow line.

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