Becoming retailer

Sale and distribution of metropolitan fares

The STM offers businesses the opportunity to become authorized retailers for the sale of metropolitan fares. This can be very advantageous. Read the information below to learn about retailer responsibilities and the account opening process.

The STM works with authorized retailers that align with our strategic orientations:

  • Improve the customer experience of STM network users
  • Promote the use of public transit
  • Focus on quality of service and improve customer flow
  • Invoice the STM monthly
  • Maintain an inventory of fare media and materials
  • Ensure proper functioning of the sales equipment loaned by the STM
  • Provide customers with quality service by staying on top of fare schedules
  • Inform the STM of any problems or anomalies
  • Receive a commission on fare sales
  • Increase business
  • Meet customer needs
  • Opportunity for businesses to get accessibility certification*

* At the STM’s request, a subcontractor could visit the business to perform an accessibility evaluation.

  • Business completes the online form and submits it to
  • STM reviews applications monthly.
  • Decision is made as soon as possible*.
  • Contract is signed within ten business days of the STM accepting the application.
  • STM visits business to conduct a technical evaluation.
  • Subcontractor installs sales equipment.
  • STM provides training and delivers fare media and receipt paper rolls for sales equipment.

The business becomes an authorized retailer!

*Due to the high number of proposals that we receive, we ask that businesses do not contact the STM to enquire about the status of their applications.

For questions about the application form, please call us at 514-350-0800 ext. 84649 or email

Form: Become a retailer

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