The STM introduces an improved service offer for bicycles and a pilot project for bicycle racks on buses

Press release

Montréal, June 27, 2011   Michel Labrecque, Chairman of the STM Board of Directors, today announced an improved service offer for bicycles and the launch of a pilot project for bicycle racks on two bus routes, the 140 – Fleury and 180 – Salaberry, saying ‘ The pilot project will run throughout the summer. If the results are positive, the STM will further assess the idea of gradually deploying bike racks on appropriate bus routes. ’

The two bus lines were chosen with the help of Vélo Québec representatives in part because they intersect with popular bicycle paths, the 140 – Fleury with the Christophe-Colomb cycling path, and the 180 – Salaberry with the paths along Gouin and O’Brien Boulevards.

To carry out the pilot project, the STM purchased 25 bicycle racks that can hold two bikes, each one costing about $900. Using the racks is a relatively easy thing for passengers and only takes a few minutes. The STM invites cyclists to review its guide, available here.

Improving bicycle access to métro train cars

Bicycles are allowed in the métro on weekdays from 10 am to 3 pm and after 7 pm, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Also, since last June 1, up to six bicycles can now board the métro’s lead car instead of the previous four, during off-peak periods on all métro lines.

Until now, for safety reasons, access to the métro was restricted on all lines during heavily-attended events. From now on, in some cases, at given times, such restrictions would apply to the Yellow line only. Thus, transit users could still access all métro stations, except those on the Yellow line. At Berri-UQAM station, transfers would be possible between all lines but the Yellow one. Bicycle restrictions usually in effect until métro closing would now be lifted one hour before métro service shuts down.

Bicycle stands next to métro stations

The STM has made 1,578 bicycle stands available to transit users at 232 different locations spread out among 55 of the network’s 68 métro stations.

‘’ Without a doubt, bicycles are an important element in the transportation cocktail mix. Making transportation modes that are an alternative to single-car use more easily accessible and making sure active means of transportation become the obvious choice, those are the goals the STM is reaching for by improving its service offer for bicycles, ’’ concluded Mr. Labrecque.

Since last week, customers can check out the summer Planibus timetables for these bus lines. As the STM is celebrating 150 years of public transit, the timetables include a vignette relating the history of each bus line to promote the event. The Planibus will also sport a customized look, determined by three types of bus network lines: newly-created night service lines, modified night service routes and daytime bus routes.

Lastly, the STM reminds clients they can obtain timetable information over the telephone by calling the AUTOBUS hotline at 514 288-6287, from its website at, from its mobile site or through SMS messaging by texting 52786.

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