Outremont station reopening August 20, work continues


As planned, Outremont station will once again be open to customers as of August 20, after a seven-month closure for renovations and accessibility updates.

The work continues  

Despite the reopening, work will continue both inside and outside the station until December 2023. The remaining work will be done without interrupting métro service:

  • Installing the elevators 
  • Refurbishing the Wiseman entrance structural slab 
  • Adding a natural ventilation shaft on the entrance building roof 
  • Upgrading the electrical equipment 
  • Replacing the station’s roof 
  • Replacing the exterior covering, windows, floor finishes and lighting 
  • Installing new signage 
  • Completing the art restoration

What work was done during the closure? 

The station closure was necessary for several steps of the renovations, as well as for the work preparing to install the elevators. This is because the station has only one entrance building, and parts of the work could not be done with customers around, including: 

  • Renovating the slabs and refinishing the floors at street level and on the mezzanine, platforms and staircases 
  • Relocating the fare booth and turnstiles 
  • Building the natural ventilation shaft on the station roof (opening in the existing station’s roof) 
  • Installing additional equipment for surface water and vaulted ceiling drainage 
  • Repairing cracks and painting the station’s vaulted ceiling 
  • Refinishing the walls in various areas 
  • Replacing the butterfly doors for Universal Accessibility 
  • Replacing the mezzanine and entrance building lighting  

The station was closed on on January 10, 2022, for the renovation and accessibility project, which will be completed at a total cost of $53 million.

For more info: stm.info/outremont