Pie-IX BRT: Second-last phase of the project ends December 6 with commissioning still planned for 2022


December 6, 2021, marks the end of the latest phase of the integrated Pie-IX BRT project, with closed lanes reopening and bus lines 41, 139 and 439 returning to Pie-IX boulevard.

Street closures will remain in place in the Jean-Talon area, where major construction work will continue into 2023 to build the pedestrian tunnel from the Pie-IX BRT to the future Blue line extension métro station.

Three of four phases of the Pie-IX BRT project have been completed to date. Most recently, the BRT shelters were built, and the central median was reconfigured to accommodate the bus stops and reserved lanes.

During the previous two phases, which were completed in 2019 and 2020, on either side of Pie-IX boulevard, crews:

  • Replaced sewer, aqueduct and gas conduits
  • Built electrical infrastructure
  • Repaired the road
  • Redesigned the sidewalks
  • Replaced the lighting
  • Enhanced the landscaping
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New bus shelters in Laval and Montréal

In 2021, BRT shelter construction ended in Laval and began in Montréal. In total, 38 BRT shelters will be installed along the 13 kilometres covered by the service. The 30-metre shelters are fully accessible and safe, in addition to featuring equipment such as electronic displays showing upcoming real-time bus departures.

In March 2022, we will begin the last phase, which will involve final road paving and BRT testing. The service will be rolled out gradually along most of the route as planned, starting in late 2022.

For more information on the project, visit pieixbrt.ca

The Pie-IX BRT project is a joint effort between the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM), City of Montréal and Ministère des Transports (MTQ). All work will be done in close collaboration with the ARTM’s delegated manager, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), and their partners: the City of Laval, the Société de transport de Laval (STL), exo, the Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) and the boroughs served by the project.

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Construction of the pedestrian tunnel connecting the BRT to the future Blue line extension

At 180 metres long, 15 metres wide and roughly 8 metres deep, the pedestrian tunnel occupies a space equivalent to seven Olympic-sized swimming pools. To date, 6,000 of an estimated 11,000 cubic metres of soil have been excavated. Excavation work is slated to end in late February 2022, with construction of the tunnel to begin the following month.