Second part of the photo exhibit at Place-des-Arts métro station Ongoing festivities to mark 150 years of public transit in Montréal!

Press release

Montréal, May 24, 2011   You are in Montréal and want to do something out of the ordinary ? The STM is proud to propose two original and free activities to resident Montrealers and visitors alike to mark 150 years of public transit in Montréal.

With the second part of the photo exhibit Tribute to public transit workers of yesterday and today, presented at the Passerelle des arts located inside Place-des-Arts métro station, the general public can learn more about the trades plied by bus network employees and how they have evolved over time.

For visitors who own a smart phone and wish for more detailed information about certain photographs, nothing could be easier: a QR code next to some of the photos allows them to download an audio-guide. It is also possible to view the entire photo exhibit as well as additional photographs on the mobile website

Moreover, to keep track of the story line, the 36 photographs recounting the history of tramways from 1870 to 1960, making up the first part of the exhibit, are now available on a special website at .

The 150th anniversary museum-train
The STM also invites transit users to watch for the museum-train: three métro cars featuring images of the past have been running since last March 21. At the end of May, three more cars illustrating the present will be added, and at the end of August, the train’s last three cars will project images of the future. The entirely decorated museum-train will be kept in service on the 2 – orange line until the end of the year.

While being on the lookout for the museum-train, transit users will have the chance to read information captions inside the train’s cars and to learn more about public transportation’s rich and fascinating history, from the days of tramways to today.

To find out more, simply go to or click on the following link to view a video of the exhibit.

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