Mindful of providing transit users with a pleasant, clean and safe environment, The STM will take part in opérationmontréal.net

Press release

Montréal, April 19, 2011   During an announcement by Richard Deschamps, vice-chair of the city’s executive committee and responsible for services to citizens, of the city-wide spring cleaning and beautification operation that will take place on April 30 and May 1, the chairman of the STM board of directors, Michel Labrecque, took the opportunity to confirm that the STM will take part in the ninth edition of OpérationMontréal.Net.

“Carried by last year’s successful awareness campaign and mindful of providing transit users with a pleasant, clean and safe environment, the STM is committed to supporting and contributing to the vast spring cleaning and beautification operation announced this morning by the City, and will be on duty next April 30 and May 1. However, its contribution will not be limited to those two days! Indeed, in addition to the daily cleaning activities handled by STM employees throughout its network, starting today and for the rest of the summer, the cleaning staff will pay particular attention to metro stations located in Ville-Marie, Plateau Mont-Royal and Sud-Ouest, the boroughs most visited by tourists,” declared Michel Labrecque.

“Also, as part of the Grande OpérationMontréal.net, the STM will conduct a cleaning blitz of the network’s bus shelters in cooperation with its commercial partner, CBS-Outdoor, while putting special emphasis on the shelters located in the above-mentioned boroughs. I am taking this opportunity to invite our customers and all Montrealers to be a part of the clean-up and beautification effort. Every action taken to that end matters, as each one contributes to making the STM’s and the City’s installations and indoor/outdoor spaces more pleasant areas to be in. And together, we will be the first to benefit from it all,” claimed Mr. Labrecque.

400 transit fares handed out for the Grande OpérationMontréal.net
Citizens who take part in the clean-up operation on April 30 and May 1 stand a chance of obtaining one of 200 monthly CAM passes or one of 200 weekly CAM passes. Radio station hosts from Groupe Astral, who has teamed up with Montréal, will travel the city’s streets during the weekend and hand out the transit fares on behalf of the STM.

Each year, the STM spends over $30 M to ensure the cleanliness of its network, which includes everyday cleaning activities as well as removing graffiti and scrachitti. Over 500 employees work to clean 68 stations, 759 métro cars, 1600 buses and a number of buildings. As for keeping the island of Montréal’s 3000 bus shelters clean, that responsibility is shared between the STM, the City and CBS,” added Mr. Labrecque.

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