Four STM bus lines synchronized with trains serving AMT’s Roxboro-Pierrefonds, Sunnybrooke and Dorval stations

Press release

Montréal, August 31, 2011   Starting next Tuesday September 6, and in collaboration with Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT), the STM will offer more service on some bus routes serving the Roxboro-Pierrefonds, Sunnybrooke and Dorval commuter train stations. Indeed, both STM and AMT are initiating the last phase of the bus-train synchronization program with the 205 – Gouin and 206 – Roger-Pilon buses at Roxboro-Pierrefonds station and the 208 – Brunswick bus at Sunnybrooke station on the Montréal / Deux-Montagnes line. On the Vaudreuil-Hudson line, the 209 – Des Sources bus will also be synchronized with trains at Dorval station.

From now on, during morning and afternoon rush hour periods, the 205 and 206 buses will offer 34 more departures to ensure that a bus meets each train stopping at Roxboro-Pierrefonds station. The 208 bus will feature 17 departures, all synchronized with commuter trains serving Sunnybrooke station, while the 209 will have 18 such departures for trains serving Dorval station.

“Thanks to enhanced timetables for these bus routes, in addition to last year’s, customers will enjoy optimum synchronization between buses and arriving trains during morning and afternoon peak periods. The initiative means an additional 2 200 hours of service a year for West Island bus service and reflects our determination to continuously improve public transit service. I remind you that the overall bus service improvements in the area are the result of public consultations held in 2007 and 2008, and that our remastered nighttime bus network this past summer has clearly improved mobility for customers travelling to and in the West Island,“ declared Marvin Rotrand, vice-chairman of the STM board of directors.

“Synchronizing bus service and commuter train schedules supports efforts by AMT in terms of introducing initiatives for efficiently serving areas in the West Island, promoting the use of a variety of modes and influencing commuting habits by providing customers with adaptable transportation modes. With over 15 000 passenger rides each day on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line, this initiative complements the various means introduced in response to ever-increasing ridership and offers citizens a real alternative to traffic congestion, in the hopes that they will choose the sustainable option and turn to public transit,” insisted AMT chief executive officer Joël Gauthier.

“Synchronizing four STM bus lines in the West Island will help the flow of road traffic in our borough while reducing commuting times for our citizens. Systematically timing buses and trains at West Island train stations will no doubt encourage more citizens to choose and use public transit as an alternative to car use. I salute the spirit of cooperation shown by all stakeholders in their support for our efforts aimed at improving the quality of life of our citizens,” declared Monique Worth, mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

“This service improvement for transit users of the STM and the AMT is excellent news for Dorval residents, especially at a time when we encourage people to make use of public transport to better preserve our environment. The synchronization of bus lines with the train schedules will allow our residents to better manage their trips and to enjoy even more the benefits of public transit,” explained Edgar Rouleau, mayor of Dorval.

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