Alternatives to alleviate road congestion in the Montreal area The ministère des Transports extends its promotion to obtain one free month of public transit for regular fare annual subscribers

Press release

Montréal, October 5, 2011 –  The ministère des Transports, together with the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT), the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), the Société de transport de Laval and the Réseau de transport de Longueuil, and with intermunicipal and municipal public transit organizations, extends its offer until November 2011 to full fare annual subscribers to obtain one free month of public transit. This promotion by the ministère des Transports is in addition to other incentive programs offered by public transit partners.

« This offer that we extend today is part of a series of measures announced last August to provide real solutions to alleviate the impact of road congestion in the greater metropolitan area of Montreal. This is a unique opportunity for drivers to change their mind-set and contribute to a better flow of goods and people in Montreal » comments the Transport Minister, Mr. Pierre Moreau.

« We praise the decision of the Transport Minister to extend the period for annual subscriptions to public transit and its positive outcome in developing customer loyalty. We can already boast a record-breaking response from Montrealers for OPUS à l’année with 3000 new subscriptions in a single month! By offering a discount on the purchase of a monthly pass, and providing additional bus service within our network, we encourage our citizens to convert to public transit » adds Mr. Michel Labrecque, Chairman of the STM Board of Directors.

The greater Montreal area showcases networks along with modern and efficient public transit systems offering greater capacity. Public transit is a less costly option when compared to commuters who drive alone. It represents a wiser choice yielding positive results for the economy, the environment and the quality of life. The ministère des Transports and its partners appeal to the public of the metropolitan area to choose public transit and free the roads for truck and car drivers who have no other travel alternative.

« We gladly welcome this promotion extension from the ministère des Transports that greatly enhances the OPUS+ subscription program already available with the AMT and with other different transit organizations in the greater metropolitan area of Montreal. Already a resounding success, this offer grants full fare annual subscribers the opportunity to pay for 10 monthly passes instead of 12 ! The Agence métropolitaine de transport has 9 300 new subscribers, representing an 76% increase, since the introductory offer was made by the MTQ last August. This initiative is a real incentive for drivers to choose public transit over their cars » emphasizes Joël Gauthier, President-Director General of the AMT.

STM regular transit users can subscribe yearly by contacting the STM. All other transit users may contact the AMT that handles service for all other public transit organizations in the greater metropolitan area. This offer, initially included in the measures announced to alleviate road congestion due to the many road construction sites throughout the island of Montreal, scheduled to end this week, remains in effect until November 8, 2011, for AMT fares, and until November 14 for STM fares.

Details of this offer are available on the ministère des Transports website at, the Agence métropolitaine de transport and the Société de transport de Montréal.

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