Montréal, City of Glass 2010 Discover glass — outside a museum

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Montréal, City of Glass 2010
Discover glass — outside a museum

Montréal, , February 2, 2010
The Montréal métro is distinguished by the diversified architecture of its stations and its impressive collection of public works of art.

This is why the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is pleased to participate in the event, Montréal, City of Glass 2010, by inviting the population to discover the numerous achievements of renowned artists who have worked with this material.

By travelling through the métro network in the city of glass, visitors will discover the glass below the city along with remarkable works of art.

The following are among the actions to be undertaken by the STM during 2010 to promote its works of glass in the métro:
  • special activities in certain stations in collaboration with the Board of Montréal Museum Directors (BMMD)
  • publication of articles on the Info STM page of the Métro newspaper
  • presentation at the Funambus on Sunday, May 30, as part of Montréal Museums Day
  • a  series of lectures by historian Benoît Clairoux under the theme Le verre sous la ville in Ville de Montréal libraries.

In conclusion, keep in mind that the works of art in the métro are displayed in the “STM at a glance” section of the site at

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